Sześciu klientów, a także około dwudziestu pracowników spędziło noc w Ikei w duńskim Aalborgu. W sklepie uwięziła ich śnieżyca.

Six customers plus about twenty employees spent the night at IKEA in Aalborg, Denmark. A blizzard caught them in the store.

An IKEA store opened in Aalborg, northern Denmark, on Wednesday giant bedroom. Because of the snowstorm that broke out outside, customers and staff had to stay there. About 30 cm of white powder fell outside.

Driving on the roads was very dangerous. We slept on gallery furniture on the first floor, where we have beds, mattresses, and sofas that turn into beds. Peter Elmoz, store manager, told Extra Bladet magazine.

The man admitted it The night I spent in the store was a “big fun” for both customers and staff. They spent the evening watching TV and eating snacks. Sellers from a nearby toy store also had a night at IKEA.

It’s so much better than sleeping in your car. It was nice and warm. We’re just glad they let us in Michelle Barrett, a toy store employee admitted it.

We just laughed about this situation because we probably won’t experience it anymore Barrett added.

Heavy snowfall also paralyzed public transport in Albork. Because of canceled flights, more than 300 people are stuck at the station.

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