The Netherlands will not stop importing Russian gas for the time being.  He is in solidarity with Germany

The Netherlands does not want to immediately suspend imports of Russian gas, because that could have direct consequences, for example in Germany, Energy and Climate Minister Rob Getten said after an interview with German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck. The minister confirmed that The Netherlands wants to work closely with Germany on this.

Lithuania has already given up importing Russian gas

He explained to the media that the Netherlands imports much less Russian gas than Germany and So he might reduce his dependence on Russia relatively easier, but he doesn’t want toLike the Baltic states, stop importing them immediately. as We wrote in money.plLithuania decided at the beginning of April to completely abandon the import of Russian gas. It was reported that since the beginning of this month, the Lithuanian transport system has been operating without Russian gas imports, but in full The country’s gas needs are currently met by the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Klaipeda.

However, gas from Russia still passes through Lithuania for the needs of Kaliningrad Oblast.

The Netherlands: We must stand in solidarity with our neighbours

“The gas market has actually become a big European market, which means we have to show solidarity with our neighbours,” Gettin said, noting that a lot of energy flows through the Netherlands, which is for Germany.

We can decide to phase out Russian imports, but this will have direct consequences for German families And business ”- said the Dutch minister.



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