Trading ban on Sunday.  Or on Sunday [10.09.2023] Are the shops open?

Or on Sunday [10.09.2023] Are the shops open?

Sundays for shopping 2023. Poles already know that they can shop in supermarkets and shopping centers only on designated Sundays. Or this Sunday [10.09.2023] Will we shop at stores like Lidl, Biedronka, Kaufland, Dino, Netto and Carrefour? Or on Sunday [10.09.2023] Are the malls, all shops, cinemas and bowling alleys open? This time we have good news for weekend shopping lovers. On Sunday 10 September 2023, stores such as Biedronka, Dino, Lidl and Kaufland and entire shopping centers will be closed. In 2023, we only have one more Sunday to trade, which falls on December 17th. Initially, the Sunday shopping calendar for 2023 still included Sunday 24 December, but for obvious reasons – Christmas Eve – that has been changed.

The ban on trading on Sundays and holidays is a system used in some countries that prevents commercial establishments from opening on Sundays and holidays. Valid, among others: in Germany, where it is called Sonntagsruhe. In Poland, since 2018, a ban on trading has been imposed on some Sundays, and as of 2020, this ban has been significantly tightened.

Money is not everything – Alija Divrateka

PRL test. Not just Jerrick. Do you remember the big fish of the Polish People’s Republic?

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1. In its best times, the PZPR calculated:

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