You have a lot to be thankful for.  There will be a “Thanksgiving Eve 2”
We had to wait 16 years for our first “Thanksgiving Night.” The second will be built much faster. It was announced today that Thanksgiving 2 will be produced by Eli Roth and Sony.

“Thanksgiving Night 2” What do we know about the movie?

The song “Thanksgiving” became popular in 2007. And all of this is thanks to effort “mill” Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. Many of them have been filmed for films False omen. One of them – a promotion for the movie “Thanksgiving” – was directed by Eli Roth. Fans loved it so much that there was immediate talk of making an entire movie based on it.

Unfortunately, subsequent attempts to produce the film did not achieve results. The project unexpectedly gained momentum at the end of 2022. Filming took place earlier this year, and the film recently arrived in theaters. It was an instant hit. The $15 million slasher film has already grossed more than $30 million worldwide.

We talk to the director of “Thanksgiving Night”

Movie action “Thanksgiving Night” It takes place in Plymouth, the birthplace of Thanksgiving. The lust for the property leads to a tragic riot at the local supermarket, which becomes a viral hit on the Internet.

A year later, a mysterious serial killer known as John Carver, in an act of revenge, decided to kill the residents of Plymouth one by one, according to an incomprehensible evil plan. Will it be possible to catch the mysterious perpetrator, or will the carefully selected victims play guests at the seedy Thanksgiving table?

Eli Roth did not reveal any details about the film “Thanksgiving 2”. He just announced it The film will premiere in 2025. You can find the post below:

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