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Running out of inspiration for your next restaurant trip? Here are some recommendations from our journalists.


Photo by Francois Roy, The Press

Our experience

The fact that the institution was packed on a Wednesday evening in November led journalist Ave Dumas to make several observations. First, Ferreiras are hard workers who never compromise on toughness. Second, safe values ​​are popular. Third, wealthy customers do not experience financial distress. It’s also a good idea to spend your money at the many small restaurants of inspired chefs going through hard times.

Want to eat more octopus? In Ferreira, the answer is yes, three times rather than once. Unable to resist the call of the crispy tentacle this time, our journalist opted for a delicious starter of Portuguese bean puree, marinated pearl onions, salsa verde and smoked paprika oil. It is soft and tough at the same time.


Between the bottles of Ocietra caviar, tomahawk, and wine from Domaine de la Romane-Candy, luxury knows no bounds here. And we only needed two cocktails and a bottle of wine in the hundreds to come to a bill for two (with tax and tip) of $500.

Good to know

Ferreira is open for lunch Monday through Friday and every evening except Sunday.

1446 Peel Street, Montreal

One more thing

Photo by Martin Chamberland, The Press

Photos for Sathu Laki Restaurant Review

Our experience

There is no shortage of tempting options, and unless you need to finish a meal with dessert, I advise you to order one or two more dishes. Desserts aren’t bad – although the first version of crème brûlée with pandan (a vanilla-flavoured plant) I’ve had wasn’t set enough – but the dishes excel above all in the spicy dishes.


If you avoid expensive dishes like whole fish and Hokkaido scallops, you can leave this restaurant with reasonable fare. Both cost about forty dollars, other more expensive dishes are $26 and most “tapas” charge between $8 and $18, depending on the quantity or value of the base ingredient. But it is very possible to spoil yourself if thirst and hunger are particularly high.

Good to know

Satu Lagi is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 5pm to 10pm.

1361, avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Montreal

Dining cellar

Photo by Marco Campanosi, La Presse

A small glass of Quebec red with your buttered ham?

Our experience

With a beautiful wooden terrace with canary yellow parasols and a flight of stairs leading to the bakery’s den, the place is interesting. Upon entering, you will see a small room. A shelf filled with beautiful bottles divides the space. At the very back, we come in front of the pastry counter: Croissant (plain, almond, ham and cheese), of chocolate, “Cinna Grisle” (flaky cinnamon brioche with Madagascar vanilla icing). These delights are made in an artisan manner. The croissants are made with flour and butter from Moulins De Soulanges from New Zealand, without food additives, and according to the baker, they take three days to make!


Pastries start at $3.25 (for a croissant) and go up to $9.75 for a popular. Scroll up. As for bread, baguette is $5 and country bread is $9. A slice of pizza is $6.75, buttered ham is $12.50, and bruschetta and banh mi — in limited quantities, always — cost $15. Wines by the glass start at $5.

Good to know

The cellar is open daily from 7am to 8pm. You order at the counter to take away or sit on the terrace; No table service. Due to its stairs, the place is not accessible to people with reduced mobility, but the terrace is.

386, rue Saint-Paul Est, Montreal

A la carte


Photo by Francois Roy, The Press

P2 is a cocktail bar.

P2 wants to differentiate itself from its other festive address, Bar Palco. We come here in a cozy atmosphere, with the sound of hip-hop, R’n’B or 1990s music. The team is pleasantly surprised by former Falco customers who are now looking for a place to stay. They can chat over a (good) drink. “We want to bring people in a comfortable atmosphere to discover the world of cocktails from Verdun and beyond. », says co-owner Charles-Étienne Bégin. The goal has been achieved! Tuesday through Saturday, open late until 5 p.m.

4847, Rue Wellington, Montreal


Photo by Francois Roy, The Press

Pork belly cooked sous vide, guacamole, radishes and slices of escabeche

Chef Eduardo Acosta, with a passion for history and anthropology, offers a taste journey to the different regions of the country and to the heart of the history of Mexican gastronomy, which has developed heavily in the colonial era, colonial connections and cultural exchanges. A rarity in the city, the kitchen stays open until midnight on some weekday evenings. With its long bar, its private room in the basement, its DJ space, its wine list, 26 cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails created by mixologists Jeremy Escolano and Johnny Martinez, this place is perfect for a party.

4542, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal

June Buvette

Photo by Hugo-Sébastien Aubert, The Press

Beef tartare, garnished with cheese, is already designed as necessary.

Bienvenue is a formula of dishes between $14 and $28 that can be shared or eaten alone. Although the menu changes constantly, there are two signature dishes that you order the first time knowing it won’t be the last. : Scallop pocos and beef tartare on a rosti topped with cheddar cheese. As for the privately imported wines, they are carefully selected – between established values ​​and small producers – sommelier Olivier Deschamps.

1900 Center Street, Montreal

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