Downton Abbey: A New Age: The movie premiere has been postponed!

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the calendar of movie premieres has constantly changed. Some titles moved multiple times, others waited over a year to get the time for their premiere. Indeed, as the situation continues to fluctuate, it is difficult to predict the right moment. For this reason, some of the most popular films won’t be released until next year at the earliest.

The change in release date for Downton Abbey: A New Era isn’t that significant. European viewers have to wait a little more than a month, while viewers from the US have to wait less than two months. On May 20, when the movie hits US cinemas, its only serious opponent will be DC Super-Pets League.

In this case, the only major show on March 18 will be Guy Ritchie’s “Game of Fortune”. Earlier, on March 4, Matt Reeves will release “Batman”. This is one of the highest-grossing first season premieres, so it’s no surprise that other studios aren’t trying to show other potential hits at the same time.

In “Downton Abbey: A New Age” all living heroes will return from the first part of the movie and the series from which it was made. This time they will leave the residence of the same name and go on a trip to the south of France to discover the secret of the villa bequeathed by Countess Dowager. We’ll also see some new faces in Downton Abbey Part Two. These are Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, Natalie Bay and Dominic West. The script was written by show creator Julian Fellowes and directed by Simon Curtis (“My Week With Marilyn”). (life PAP)

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