“Green Borders” has entered cinemas.  Bielski’s accent in a film criticized by PiS

09/24/2023 at 08:30

Two days ago, director Agnieszka Holland’s film Green Borders premiered in Poland. The film describing the events on the Polish-Belarusian border causes great controversy. The film crew included Monika Vrajcic from Bielsko.

The film premiered in theaters on Friday. Even before it was shown on the big screen, it sparked great controversy and was criticized by the Law and Justice government as being anti-Polish and showing the bad side of border guard officers. The first reviews from critics show that this is not the case, and Agnieszka Holland’s work describes the drama and suffering that has been happening at the border for months.

The “green border” has its own Bielsko dialect. Actress Monika Vrajcic, born in Bielsko-Biała, plays Marta in the film. She is an activist who, along with others, provides humanitarian aid to refugees in need at the border. It treats the injured and provides them with water, food, clothing and cell phone chargers so they can stay in touch with their families. She was helped in this, among other things, by Julia, played by Maja Ostaszewska.

Monika is a brilliant and highly decorated stage and film actress, associated with, among others, the National Stary Theater in Krakow and the Rozmaitości Theater in Warsaw. Monica, a girl from the upper suburbs of Bielsko. She would recite poems there and sing songs at Bielska Artistic Piwnica – The entry was posted on social media by Agnieszka Szulakowska, founder of BPA.

Monika Vrajcic was born in 1990. She took her first artistic steps in Krakow, where in 2016 she graduated from the Acting Department of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Krakow (formerly PWST), to which she was accepted for the third time. Four years ago, she was nominated for the Politika Passport Prize in the Theater category.


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“Green Borders” has entered cinemas. Bielski’s accent in a film criticized by PiS – photo

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