Xbox Game Pass with 7 games launching in May.  Players can prepare for interesting titles

Microsoft won’t reveal its slate of games for the first two weeks of May until early next week, but the company, publishers, and developers have already confirmed seven games that Xbox Game Pass customers can get ready for.

Early next week, Xbox Game Pass will be expanding with Redfall – yesterday we saw the first trailer, and today the servers and final hardware requirements for PC have been confirmed to start.

Arkane Studios is just the beginning, as players will be able to check out some really interesting titles in the coming weeks – Amnesia: The Bunker looks fuzzy in every material, and perhaps some people might be interested in the post because of the references to the excellent Alien Isolation.

The initial menu also reminds you of the debut of Railway Empire 2, that is, the continuation of the successful situation from 2018. The production received a lot of praise, so the developers decided to continue playing and soon more players will be able to create their own railway empires.

All the games presented will appear in the catalog, so Xbox Game Pass users will once again be able to familiarize themselves with the news.

Xbox Game Pass – A tentative list of new games for the month of May

  • May 2 – Redfall (Xbox, Cloud, PC),
  • 04.05 – Ravenloc (Xbox, PC),
  • 11.05 – Fugue: Melodies of Steel 2 (Xbox, PC),
  • 23.05 – Amnesia: Bunker (Xbox),
  • May 25 – Beasts Cassette (Xbox),
  • May 25 – Railway Empire 2 (Xbox, PC),
  • May 30 – Farworld Pioneers (Xbox, PC).
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