Sony is removing the 8K tag from PS5 boxes.  Apparently, this was not true from the beginning

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June 5, 2024 at 10:23 pm

Sony is quietly removing the 8K logo from the packaging of its PlayStation 5 console, leaving gamers with a bad taste of the unfulfilled promise of this ultra-high definition.

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Sony has quietly removed the 8K logo from PlayStation 5 packaging. Which caused a huge uproar Between players. This decision drew attention to the fact that the manufacturer’s promises regarding support for 8K resolution on PS5 were, to put it mildly, exaggerated.

Where is 8K on PS5?

When the PS5 debuted in 2020, it proudly displayed the 8K logo on its boxes, indicating that the console would be able to display games at this ultra-high resolution. However, four years after the premiere, we haven’t seen a single production actually use this capability with one exception – ‘The Touryst’, the only game to offer 8K resolution at ‘up to’ 60fps on PS5. As you might imagine, it’s an indie game with simple graphics, more reminiscent of Minecraft than super products like AAA.

It turns out that even 4 years after the PlayStation 5’s premiere, 8K is still a thing of the future. Whether in the world of video games or in the film industry. Although there are TVs on the market that support this resolution, it takes so much effort that game developers and hardware manufacturers are not yet ready to take full advantage of it. The console simply doesn’t have enough processing power to provide smooth 8K gameplay while maintaining high-quality graphics.

False promise?

Sony isn’t the only manufacturer to over-promise 8K resolution. As announced by Microsoft Xbox Series As an 8K ready console. Unfortunately, the reality turned out to be quite different. Gamers who bought a PS5 hoping to play at 8K feel cheated. Many of them believe that Sony should face consequences for misleading them.

Sony’s decision to remove the 8K logo from PS5 packaging is an admission of wrongdoing. This indicates that the company is unable to fulfill its promises to players. For many people, this is further evidence that console manufacturers often make empty promises.

This decision could also be caused by a scenario in which Sony deliberately removed the 8K label from the base PS5 model in order to reintroduce it in a more powerful version of the console, known as the PS5 Pro, which is expected to be officially unveiled next year. September.

Is it worth investing in an 8K TV for your gaming console?

Right now, buying an 8K TV to play on the PS5 doesn’t make much sense. Games simply do not support this resolution. A better investment would be a 4K TV with a high refresh rate (120Hz or more) and variable frame refresh rate (VRR) technology, which will provide a better gaming experience in most games.

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