Two goals in the Legia match.  and in front of the determinant

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Maciej Simyatkovsky

Fernando Santos returned to Poland and, after a small media tour, also appeared in a league match. Players did not cope with the limiter with an amazing game.

This time the stakes were attached to the players’ legs. Legia played to make the outing unpleasant for Rakov. If she had lost points, Czestochowa’s team would have begun to celebrate the Polish championship after winning their struggle, before the start of the round they had 11 points ahead of the rest. In contrast, Wisła only had a five-point advantage over the relegation zone before the start of the round. Every point earned in Warsaw is worth its weight in gold.

Although the fans and coach Fernando Santos in the stands (who has returned to Poland after his vacation and started giving interviews) left much hungry, Legia is happy. After three matches without a win, she finally prevailed. Jose decided to win the Mazuz derby in the 13th minute. The Portuguese used a penalty kick after a foul by Adam Chrzanowski. Wiswa’s defender fouled Thomas Picart, who was fighting for the ball. Ernest Musey, who was saved for the final, increased the lead in overtime. Albanian broke away from his rivals and charged indefensibly from the left side of the field.

The hosts quickly set up the match, and Muci’s goal completed the proceedings. Throughout the match, the visitors did not cause them any concerns about the outcome. Rafa Volski started attacking only at the end of the first half. Wisła’s leader struck from the left side of the penalty area and checked Kacper Tobiasz’s vigilance.

Watch the video: Send a clear message to Fernando Santos. “He is the pride of the league.”

The break refreshed the players. At the beginning of the second half, the two teams were competing for the goal. It was even better for Legia – Makana Baku, Bartosz Sleich and Jozoy got chances. It finished next to Gradecki’s goal. He was only forced to defend by substitute Filip Mladenovic, who smashed in from close range into the box.

All attackers were put to sleep. On the Wisła side, chances were missed by Łukasz Sekulski and Bartosz Śpisz, who were regularly challenged from the stands by Legia fans who still remember how he silenced them as a player Górnik Łęczna. Pekhart was a little more active, he won a penalty, then he had a few more chances, but he missed the goal. Carlitos also made another empty trip, and he had high hopes for his return to Warsaw. At the same time, his record in the Ekstraklasa is 18 matches, one goal and three assists.

Before the whistle, Kosta Rongache was mesmerized that he had no interest in Tuesday’s Polish Cup final with Raku. However, in the confrontation with Wisła, he rotated key players and was clearly saving them for the game of the season. It paid off. Not only will he relatively rest the players, but he scores three points in the game against Wiswa and makes the May weekend difficult for Raku, who would like to celebrate the tournament on the May weekend.

And that means a tough start to May for rival Pock. Pavol Stano, after an exciting start and being the leader for the first eight rounds, scored a powerful touchdown. Winter outings including Dafoe, Damien Michalski, and Damien Rasak made an impact on the team. Wisła has fallen to 10th place and is watching the bottom of the table more and more. This does not please the fans, who are beating the president, Thomas Mark, and the sporting director, Bowie Majdu, louder and louder.

Legia Warsaw – Wisła Block 2: 0 (1: 0)
1: 0 – Jose 13′ (penalty)
2:0 – Mossy 90 + 3′

corps: Kacper Tobiasz – Artur Jędrzejczyk, Rafał Augustyniak, Yuri Ribeiro – Pawe Wszołek (62. Ernest Muci), Bartosz Slisz, Josue (74. Igor Strzałek), Bartosz Kapustka (46. Jurgen Celhaka broth), Carlitos (62. Philip Mladenovic) .

Vistula: Bartłomiej Gradecki – Jakub Szymanski, Steve Kapuadi, Adam Chrzanowski (73. Milan Kvocera) – Martin Sulek, Filip Lesniak (73. Dominik Furman), Rafał Wolski, Mateusz Szwoch (87. Martin Hasek), Piotr Tomasik – ukasi (59. Dawid Kocyla), Bartosz Spiączka (73. Marko Kolar).

Yellow cards: Augustyniak, Kapustka, Pekhart (Legia) and Chrzanowski, Tomasik, Lesniak.

Judge: Jaroslav Przybyl (Kluczbork).

Viewers: 20119.

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