Tizena's App Store is closed

Tizen is a somewhat forgotten mobile platform, developed by Samsung, among other things, that has been hosted on some of the manufacturer’s smartphones for many years. Several years ago, no new smartphone with this system appeared on the market, and some time ago Samsung announced the end of application support for this system. With the coming of 2022, the Tizen app store is definitely closed.

Taizen is a thing of the past

We have known for a long time that this system is in the past. Just take a look at the last smartphone that debuted on the market with this system. Samsung Z4 – Equipped with the operating system Tizen OS – It was introduced in May 2017, and as it turned out, this was the last breath of this system in the manufacturer’s smartphone portfolio.

Thus, it was clear that the time had to finally come to withdraw support for this platform.

Samsung Z4

In June of last year, Samsung suspended the registration and sharing of the app on the Tizen store, leaving only what was posted there until then. Since then, existing users can only install previously downloaded apps.

as noted helpWith the advent of the new year, the situation has changed significantly – Tizen Store service is completely disabled for all users. After visiting the store website or launching the application on the smartphone, users are greeted with an error message.

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This is a big loss for all the people who are still using a smartphone running under the control of Tizen OS. At the same time, it is an ideal opportunity to make a decision to change your device – not only to a newer model, but above all to a device that operates under the control of a “real” system, such as Android or iOS. Let’s face it – it was never a complete program, and its capabilities often made other users laugh.

Tizen Store
(Source: Tizne)

Information about the extinction of this smartphone store is another indication that the Koreans are slowly planning to sever this brand. Let us remind you that the latest smart watch last year Galaxy Watch 4 Abandon this system in favor of Wear OS 3. At the moment, the only new products powered by Tizen OS are Samsung TVs.

However, it is possible that a change will happen soon here as well.

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