Sony awards players.  PS5 and PS4 owners can check out their year round summaries

Sony invites players to get a summary of the year of PlayStation, thanks to which interested parties will receive detailed data on the gameplay on PS5 and PS4. Those interested can win great prizes.

The Japanese producer once again allows players to create a summary of the year detailing all the information about the game on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Those interested will check out the total number of hours they’ve spent playing on Sony devices, the number of hours they’ve played in the single-player and multiplayer productions, the number of new worlds they’ve visited, and even the exact numbers for “favorite” titles – though in fact these are the items you’ve spent the most the time.

The Japanese did not forget about the stats of the cup and mentioned PS Plus, and in the end gamers could take four avatars – a great gift considering that the company decided to make really impressive graphics.

Sony is systematically developing similar menus and you can also share details this time – the company allows you to automatically upload prepared data to social media (Facebook or Twitter).

You can see the stats here.

PlayStation Summary for 2021-2

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