Xbox Game Pass will see competition in a few months - Sony is working on a subscription for PlayStation ownersFor several years, Microsoft has been aggressively promoting the Xbox Game Pass subscription, which attracts millions of gamers to consoles and PCs each month. The service is offered at a very good price, and the big advantage is the inclusion of the first games in the service, which were made by the in-house Xbox Game Studios teams. Sony has yet to respond with a similar offer. Although PlayStation NOW exists, it is not seen as a direct competition by many players due to its limited availability. Meanwhile, according to the latest information, the Japanese manufacturer is preparing to launch a new platform, which is destined to become a full-fledged competitor to Xbox Game Pass. Interestingly enough, we won’t have to wait long for her debut.

According to Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, Sony is preparing a new subscription that will eventually rival Xbox Game Pass. The platform will launch in the spring of 2022.

Xbox Game Pass will see competition in a few months - Sony is working on a subscription for PlayStation owners [1]

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jason sinner z portalu bloomberg reachSony is working on a service codenamed “Spartacus”. Ultimately, it will combine your existing PlayStation Plus and PlayStation NOW subscriptions, but in the new version it will offer a much larger selection of games. The subscription will also allow you to play multiplayer modes without paying another subscription – a similar solution is offered by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Bloomberg also reports that Sony is planning three subscription versions, the highest of which (and at the same time the most expensive, although prices are not yet known) will allow you to play titles from PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and PlayStation. portable.

Xbox Game Pass will see competition in a few months - Sony is working on a subscription for PlayStation owners [2]

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The first (cheapest) subscription option will be similar to what PS Plus currently offers. The second variant will additionally make it possible to release a large library of games on PS4 and PS5 consoles. According to Jason Schreier, at least for the first period of the new subscription’s life, Sony will not include the first games made by internal PlayStation Studios teams. The service will start in the spring of 2022. This means that Sony may soon reveal official information about the planned merger of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation NOW as part of a single joint subscription.

Source: Bloomberg

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