Sabine Marcelis for IKEA.  Limited collection where the fun continues with the light

Sabine Marcelis, fascinated by light and how it can make things come to life, has created a unique VARMBLIXT collection with IKEA that will transform interior design, making it brighter and brighter. The collection will go on sale in February 2023.

  • Sabine Marcelis has created a limited collection with IKEA.
  • The VARMBLIXT series includes lighting and accessories for the home.
  • The collection will go on sale in February 2023.

Sabine Marsilis He is a New Zealand designer who lives in Rotterdam. This is her second collaboration with IKEA – she was previously involved with work on the IKEA Art Event 2021 collection. The artist handles design of facilities, art installations and arrangement of spaces. His projects focus on simple forms and draw inspiration from the transient phenomena that occur in nature. Much of her work is based on the sensory experiences generated by the interaction of natural light with materials. In 2020, Wallpaper* magazine named their Designer of the Year, and in 2021 and 2022, she was included in Architectural Digest’s Top 100 Designers.

When the light comes to life

Light is essential to our health and well-being, and its quantity and type translate to our emotional state. IKEA wants to inspire and encourage thinking about how it can change the look and character of the cabin, as well as how it can positively affect our mood.

The VARMBLIXT series includes lighting and accessories for the home. It combines bold design with the beauty of light that creates a relaxing atmosphere indoors. Each element has a unique shape, play of colors and lighting effects.

The aim of this collection was to create products that add a sense of warmth to the home and help create a positive atmosphere in it. The light fascinates me. It’s something that has always caught my attention. What sets it apart is that it is constantly changing. I love when he brings things to life and gives dynamism to static things. When choosing a color palette, I was very much inspired by the warm evening light, which puts me in a good mood – says Sabine Marsilis.

The hallmark of the entire collection is a pendant lamp made in LED technology, consisting of curved tubes made of opal glass. It decorates the interior, even when it is turned off. However, after turning it on, you can witness a magical spectacle that displays the wonders of light engineering.

The obwarzanek figure is indispensably linked to the work of Sabine Marcelis, and in the VARMBLIXT collection it appears in two different guises. As a glass vessel, its beauty is underlined by the light penetrating through the clear glass. The second “obwarzanki” is a lamp that can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table or shelf.

The collection also includes other home accessories such as wool rugs in sunny colors, coffee tables, and a lighted mirror, as well as an elegant cocktail set, which includes a decanter, champagne glass, glass, metal-rimmed tray, and drink stirrers. When light falls on them, the glass vessels filled with liquid create wonderful reflections and shadows. Sabine describes this effect as “a moment of amazement”.

The limited edition VARMBLIXT collection will be available in stores, on and in the IKEA Mobile app from February 2023 while supplies last.

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