January 30, 2023


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WhatsApp is making big changes. It will facilitate communication

WhatsApp will receive a new feature, and in addition, we will see significant improvements to the basic elements of the application. The novelty that users have been waiting for for a long time are the responses to the news.

WhatsApp is chasing the competition. employment official The blog has been informed of the introduction of a new feature that is well known to users of other messengers. It is about being able to add a reaction to your message. This ability is intended to improve readability, especially in group conversations, where feedback allows you to express your opinion about a message without informing the entire group.

Replies to messages may not yet be available to all WhatsApp users. but with Information Provided by a Meta press spokesperson to reporters at The Verge, the job should be available to the public within a week.

WhatsApp will allow you to transfer larger files

However, this is not the end of the changes. For many users, it may be important for WhatsApp to start handling larger files. In the latest number of applications, it will be possible to send files of up to 2 GB in size. From now on, a counter will also be available that shows how long it will take to send or download data.

Another novelty that will benefit WhatsApp users is to increase the maximum number of users for a particular group. It was announced on the official blog that it is now possible to create groups with up to 512 members.

Karol Kotowski, journalist at dobreprogramy.pl