Piotr Żyła did not leave a dry thread about the worsening of the coronavirus.  "silly!"

Piotr Żyła does not understand Covid’s ice-jumping policy. – Be glad they haven’t locked me up yet – he tells interia.pl.

Peter Bubakowski

Piotr Żyła

PAP / Grzegorz Momot / Pictured: Piotr Żyła

– For me it is a great absurdity! They test us every day and then throw us in one bus where there is no place to sit. On the other hand, we have to keep a distance on the hill. This is a misunderstanding for me. Either you do something like this, or you do something,” Piotr Żyła told interia.pl portal after Friday’s World Cup qualifiers in Wisła.

The Polish representative added that he is not a health expert, but – in his opinion – what happens before, during and after the ski jumps this season is completely illogical.

– I don’t know each other. You have to ask someone who knows you. (…]There is no COVID-19 on the bus, and there is a circuit on the hill anyway – ya emphasized.

The singles world champion from Oberstdorf added in 2021 that he had little influence on the matter. – What can I do? I can just jump in and be glad they haven’t locked me up yet – sum that up.

During Sunday’s World Cup qualifier in Wisła (players will compete in the team competition on Saturday), Żya finished 20th. “Wiewiór” landed on the 123m. Austrian Jan Huerl won – 129m.

The calm before the storm in Wisła. You’ll see it as you drive into town
Stoch went to the console. ask him a question

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