Steam introduces a new section.  Want to help or earn more?

Steam systematically tests new solutions. This time he winks at people with a lot of toys. It will be easier and faster to search for DLC for them.

DLC for your games – a new section on Steam

Steam Labs’ new experience isn’t particularly complex in its assumptions. The name of the new tab — DLC for Your Games — basically says it all. It’s a place where you can quickly find new content for your games after logging into the store.

You may have missed or forgotten about some exciting additions to your favorite games. This hub is designed to help you explore all that is available to you and get the most out of these great games. Whether it’s single character skins, content packs, new game modes or major expansions There is definitely something to enjoy.”

Helping players or looking for extra money?

The new section will depend on each player’s preferences. The main place will be occupied by the progress lists of recently played and most frequently played productions and lists of their add-ons. In addition, there is a tab that shows the most popular (best-selling) add-ons in general, but also limited to the games in your collection.

This could be changed or expanded. We are talking about the Steam Labs experience, there are requests for players to submit any ideas.

Steam’s argument seems plausible. Of course, not everyone likes it, and even if it was, some people see the second bottom here, namely the desire to increase DLC sales. And this would not be a stupid trend at all, because it is not a big secret that we came to play at a time when the vast majority of games are expanded after the premiere with various kinds of extensions. Sometimes you may not have enough fingers to count them. This statement, which was not at all exaggerated, entered in the Steam search engine, for example The Sims 4.

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