Android will introduce new ad spots on the screensaver

This step of Android clearly shows what is the demand for it Ad space. However, it is difficult to imagine watching ads on a blocked smartphone screen, because it is also difficult to find a reasonable reason for this.

The idea that was presented came directly from the United States. The company is responsible for that Hintswhich has been associated with Google for many years. She prepares the tools for Distribution of mobile ads. According to online reports, this feature may appear in the coming weeks, but for now in the US. Glance is pre-installed on Android platforms and works as an overlay, and is not an external application.

The advantage of this solution is that it can be added in theory New features of the applicationIt will work on a blank screen. Thanks to this, we will get a new desktop. Currently, information about the weather or a preset wallpaper is displayed. Now they’ll jump here too advertisements. This, in turn, will likely translate into the efficiency of such a device, because it is easy to imagine a fast device Smartphone battery drain.

Neither Google nor Glance has confirmed the reports yet, but there are many indications of that at any moment The ads on the screensaver will become normal. If tests in the US are positive (from the advertisers’ point of view), it will be a matter of time before such solutions are implemented in other regions.

Will imposing such solutions have a negative impact on the final recipient? Probably yes, because users are already using Ad blockers including. in mobile browsers. Moving patches and banners to a screen saver can potentially irritate owners of Android devices on board.

This, in turn, can be used… apple. The tech giant from Cupertino has been trying to wink over the users who care the most for several years budget devices. Despite the fact that in the case of Apple it is difficult to talk about the budget, the clogging of smartphones with advertisements can attract iPhone owners. After all, they paid a lot of money for their Android phones anyway, a Intrusive ads They can make their lives uncomfortable.

Certainly, these solutions should include the ability to be effectively turned off by the end user, because – if not – it is their smartphone after all. However, knowing the former, which often interferes badly with the device, the actions of Google and Glance, it is difficult to count on a friendly approach to smartphone owners.

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