January 27, 2023


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NASA periodic satellite imagery.  And it has a drone on it, because azik photography is art

NASA periodic satellite imagery. And it has a drone on it, because azik photography is art

On Mars There are already quite a few roving vehicles. Curiosity and perseverance among them. These are very large machines, comparable to large machines passenger car. Captured in the lens Satellites So it does not cause any great difficulties. Scientists have been sharing their photos for a long time directly With Outer Space. However, recently they were able to photograph something even smaller.

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NASA released a recording of the landing of the Persevere spacecraft

Perseverance and creativity captured by NASA

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took two photos on February 26 NASA It was only published on 1 April. The Preseverance rover was once again captured on one. The machine is clearly visible in the photo due to its dimensions – after all, it is 3 meters long and 2.7 meters wide.

Over a month between when the image was taken and published, scientists will probably need to analyze a second image. You can see a small dot on it. As it turns out, this Drone cleverness. Finding it was much more difficult than persevering. Dexterity has only 121 cm Long and 49 cm wide. Therefore, it is several times smaller than roving vehicles.

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Perseverance was captured in the Moaz rock formation, prior to the trek to the Jezero Crater Delta. Creativity was 200 meters away when the photo was taken.

NASA mission to Mars

Both devices are part of the mission NASA From 2020. Its main purpose is astrobiological data, including the search for signs of life of ancient microbes. The Perseverance rover will help determine the geology and past climate of Mars.

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The mission is to pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet. It is also the first mission in which the rover collects and collects Martian rocks and regolith (pulverized rock and dust). More missions have already been sent to Mars to bring the obtained samples to Mars a land.

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