March 28, 2023


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Xbox Series X | S at a higher price in one market. Microsoft made a surprising decision

A few months ago, the Redmond giant confirmed that it does not intend to increase the prices of existing consoles until the end of 2022, although market conditions are constantly being analyzed. However, recent reports about the change in equipment prices in Japan raise a lot of concerns.

We Won’t Pay More For Xbox Series X | S in the USA, Germany, France and Poland, although the American company decided to increase prices for devices in the Land of the Rising Sun. Given the fact that Xbox is not the first choice for every Japanese, and the manufacturer is constantly fighting for popularity in this part of the world, looking for long-term strategic partnerships, the described change may affect interest in Microsoft consoles.

The price of the Xbox Series X | S is ¥5,000 more expensive (about PLN 166.70), making Xbox Series X currently available in Japan for ¥59,978 (about PLN 2,001, from ¥54,978 / PLN 1,834), and for Xbox Series X | SS customers in this region will have to pay 37,978 yen (about 1,267 PLN, from 32,278 yen / 1,077 PLN).

Microsoft does not hide that the decision was not the easiest:

After a careful assessment of the market situation in Japan, we have decided to change the suggested retail price for Xbox consoles in that country. We regularly assess the impact of local pricing to maintain consistency across regions. This price change affects our customers and was a difficult decision to make, but we will continue to deliver the Xbox experience. excellence that our customers expect.

For now, the company hasn’t reported increases in other markets, but we can suspect it’s only a matter of time. Last year, Sony raised the global prices of the PlayStation 5 by 50 euros.

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