WWE SmackDown Results for October 22, 2021

WWE SmackDown October 22 Recap

WWE SmackDown Visita, Kansas

Commentators Michael Cole and Pat McAfee.

– Tonight the blue show begins with a video of what happened at WWE SmackDown, Crown Jewel. The commentators greet us, and then Roman Reigns joins Paul Hayman. Champion picks up the microphone and asks if Heyman is wearing a belt or for Brock Lesnar. When he reached out to Crown Jewel, Heyman threw the belt into the ring. Roman Raines reaches out his hand and Paul Hayman gives him the belt. Reins says it’s easy. He does not think you can deny that he is the best. He carried WWE on his back for 1.5 years. It is ours Tribal leader, Our The head of the table. He is the greatest Universal Champion of all time. Why? Because he beat them all!

At Crown Jewel yesterday, he crushed Brock Lesnar. Speaking of Brock Lesnar, what did he say on SmackDown? Paul Heyman reads a message on Brock Lesnar’s phone that he will leave Roman Raines unconscious when he arrives in SmackDown. Roman Reynolds taps Paul Heman’s phone and laughs. Reynolds runs SmackDown and runs WWE. He’s in the ring, so if he wants to see Brock Lesnar tonight, he doesn’t mind crushing him for two nights in a row. Brock Lesnar must be afraid of him. He will not leave the ring until he arrives.

Brock Lesnar enters, he attacks Roman rule! A fight erupts between two wrestlers. Brock Lesnar wants to turn him into F5 by commentary table, but Usos attacks him from behind. Lesnar manages to knock them down, but Raines lashes out at Lesnar. The latter assumes responsibility and attacks a cameraman and officers. Adam Pierce sends SmackDown list to Brock Lesnar, but Animal Sends the two to the ground and then goes into the ring holding the belt.

– Adam Pierce is in the ring announcing that Brock Lesnar was suspended indefinitely After what he did now! Brock Lesnar comes into the ring and catches Adam Pierce. Lesnar says he didn’t listen properly. Pierce replied that he had no choice, and he was suspended. Brock Lesnar leaves Pierce and then gives him his F5, followed by a second! He goes to get the microphone and tells her to turn back. Adam Pierce stopped working.

Behind the scenes, Naomi joins Sonia Devil and asks her for a fair match against Devil. The latter tells him to leave. Drew McIntyre arrives and says this is his first show on SmackDown, and he wants an open challenge to see who should accept the balls.

– Drew McIntyre enters and Sami Jane arrives on the scene with a new theme song. He’s a senior member of SmackDown, who says he’s the leader here. Drew McIntyre may be a former WWE Champion but as far as he is concerned he is a newcomer. So if he is looking for someone who is brave enough to accept his challenge, he is the best superstar of SmackDown. When he defeats him, he will be the best superstar in SmackDown.

Singles competition

Drew McIntyre vs Sami Jane

At the end of the match, Sammy Jain wants to do his Heluwa kick in Drew McIntyre, but the latter defeats him with a Claymore kick for the win through the backfall.

Cagnant: Drew McIntyre

– Hit Row has been announced to make its debut tonight.

– Kofi Kingston enters the coronation of King of the Ring winner Xavier Woods. He introduces us to Xavier Woods coming into the ring. The crowd sings “You deserve it”. Kingston gives the crown to Woods. Xavier Woods says he can’t express how important this is to him. We helped him make his dream come true. He says thank you to all of us.

Behind the scenes, Becky Lynch is with her female belt from SmackDown. He says he never lost the RAW title. Instead of replacing the belts, what do you do if the Pecky Two belts are redone?

– We present a video on Xia Li.

Singles competition

Rematch de crown jewelry

Mansoor vs Mustafa Ali

At the end of the match, Mansoor returned to Mustafa Ali’s roll-up.

Winner: Mansour

– Behind the scenes, Ridge Holland, Alia, Angel Corsa & Humberto Guerrelo and Sheamus introduce themselves.

– Hit Row comes in and introduces himself.

Tag Team Match

Two local wrestlers against Hit Row (Isaiah Scott and Top Dola)

At the end of the match, Top Dola wears a wrestler, Isaiah Scott helps her slam, and then he pinches for victory.

Cognants: Hit Row

– Behind the scenes, Sonia Devil joins Kayla Proxton to say that Adam Pierce is fine.

Singles competition

Happy Corbin (with Madcap Moss) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (with Rick Books)

At the end of the match, Shinzook makes his final days at Happy Corbin in Nagamura, followed by the pin for victory.

Gagnand: Happy Corbin

– Behind the scenes, Charlotte Flair warns that Peggy Lynch will not give up her title.

– Becky Lynch enters, followed by Charlotte Flair. Sonia Devil is already in the ring and introduces two champions: Lynch goes to SmackDown Champion but Raw, while Flyer goes to Raw Champion but SmackDown. Devil invites wrestlers to exchange their belts, but they do not want to do that. The crowd sings “Becky to Belts”. Charlotte Flair tightened her belt, Lynch tried to retrieve it, but Flair dropped her. She collects it and then gives it to Sonia Devil. Becky Lynch threw off her belt Both wrestlers now have new belts. Charlotte Flair says if Peggy Lynch wants to be Peggy Two Belt, tonight should not be done by All Winner Taxes.

Sasha goes inside the banks and she just runs SmackDown. Do these “bitches” really think they are going to come here and take things into their own hands? Charlotte Flair reminds me that this is a Fiji show, and then you feel isolated? Becky Lynch just goes to RAW and says she’ll see one of them in the Survivor series. Lynch and Deville leave, with or without Sasha Banks title, saying he’s the one The boss Friday night! Charlotte Flair asks if anyone remembers Sasha becoming the Banks Champion. Before Sonia Deville can separate them, a fight erupts between the two wrestlers. The show ends like this.

Photo credit: WWE

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