February 9, 2023


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American TV stars buy famous New York boats

American TV stars buy famous New York boats

“Save part” of New York’s heritage: A large boat icon of the Manhattan-Staten Island Link will be converted into a cultural venue after being purchased by a cafe theater owner and American TV stars, we learned on Friday.

The famous orange boat “John F. Kennedy”, which connects the two districts of New York since 1965, was sold by the city to Paul Italia, president of the comedy club “The Stand” in Manhattan. With comedians from the cult NBC show “Saturday Night Live”, Pete Davidson and Colin Jost confirmed Mr. Italia to the AFP.

The New York Times reported the move earlier Friday.

Pete Davidson is said to be the boyfriend of reality TV star and businessman Kim Kardashian, and Colin Jost is reportedly married to movie superstar Scarlett Johansson. Both are from Staten Island, one of New York’s five counties south of Manhattan Island, and Pete Davidson still lives there.

According to the municipal administrative services that sold it, the “iconic John F. Kennedy” – 85 meters long, 2,100 tons and was withdrawn from the Navy in August for non-service engines – was auctioned for $ 280,100 at the initial auction. $ 125,000.

Paul Italia wants to “turn it into a living performance space with the potential for parking, music, art and eating out,” but he does not say how to tow the big orange ship and park it permanently on the dock.

Why do you buy such a boat, its free link is known to all New Yorkers and it is guaranteed to be removed?

Because the New York Times justified in Paul Italy that “each of us really (…) wants to preserve a part (tradition) of New York”.

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And according to the businessman, the ship “holds a special place in the hearts of John F. Kennedy”, along with his two partners, Davidson and Jost, “Staten Island Native”.