Syrian Arab Republic.  American aviation killed one of the leaders of Al-Qaeda

The attack took place near the city of Tal Abjad (Kurdish Gir Spi) in the conservative Raqqa region, near the border with Turkey. The rain was associated with the Guardians of Religion group.

– attacks United States Airlines Major Rigsby reports the killing of senior al-Qaeda leader Abdul Hamid al-Matar in northwest Syria. He added that there were no reports of civilian deaths or injuries.

Al-Qaeda uses Syria as a safe bay to rebuild its military capabilities, coordinate actions with other groups, and plan new actions. In addition to northern Syria It is the launching point for attacks in Iraq and other countries in the region, according to a US Central Command statement. According to the Pentagon, along with the elimination of the supreme leader of al-Qaeda, this has weakened the possibility of planning attacks that would threaten American citizens, US partners and innocent citizens.

The French news agency indicates that the impact of a US combat drone on the jihadist camp of Hurras al-Din occurred just one day after the attack on the al-Tanf base.

And on Wednesday evening, a missile attack took place on the barracks where US special forces are stationed. The bombing did not result in heavy losses or casualties.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the attack was carried out with two drones and several small missiles. One of the two planes was supposed to hit the part of the barracks occupied by US special forces, and the other – the part where the Syrian opposition forces are stationed.

Al-Matar is another Syrian jihadist leader who has been liquidated by the US Air Force in recent weeks. At the end of September, the Americans found Salim Abu Ahmed, who is responsible for al-Qaeda’s financing, planning and logistics, in Idlib province. The man was killed by a drone.

About 900 US troops are still stationed in Syria, training the military forces of the Syrian opposition. They live in al-Tanf military base, where the explosion occurred on Wednesday.

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