January 31, 2023


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Wroclaw.  Nowa Czechnica combined heat and power plant is being built in Siechnice

Wroclaw. Nowa Czechnica combined heat and power plant is being built in Siechnice

As confirmed by PGE Energia Ciepła in the announcement, the investment in Siechnica is part of the PGE Group’s strategy, according to which it is planned to use 70% of the investment by 2030. from zero and low-emissions sources of heat production. The new, low-emission gas-fired unit will replace the 120-year-old coal-fired thermal power plant.

– As a leader in Poland’s energy transformation, we feel compelled to take on the challenges that the heating industry is currently facing so that it can continue to operate and ensure energy security – emphasized Wojciech Dąbrowski, Chairman of the Board of Management of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna. He added that gas-fuel cogeneration – as will be the case at the solar thermal plant under construction in Siechnice – is an effective tool in the fight against low emissions.

Przemysław Kołodziejak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PGE Energia Ciepła, noted that the construction of a new heat and power plant is one of the company’s main investments. – He noted that thanks to the use of the best available technologies, the efficiency and effectiveness of production will increase significantly, and thanks to the use of low-emission gas fuel, the population of the Wroclaw agglomeration will benefit from it.

The new solar thermal plant will provide heating to the residents of Siechnice Commune and the southern part of Wrocław.

– The launch of the Nowa CHP Czechnica project with a greater production capacity – compared to the current facility – means that we will be able to produce more heat, which will be able to be used by a greater number of recipients. In addition, we will ensure that electricity can be supplied for several dozen years – as noted Andrzej Jedut, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kogeneracja.

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The main contractor for the investment is the contractor selected in April of this year. A consortium of companies consisting of: Polimex Mostostal – leader consortium and Polimex Energetyka – partner consortium.

The project schedule provides for the start-up of the CCGT unit in the first half of 2024. Until then, electricity and heat production will be provided by the installations currently in operation and the upper part of the new CHP plant in Siechnice, which is planned to be launched in the first half of year 2023.

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