WWE SmackDown Results for October 15, 2021

WWE SmackDown Supersized recap from October 15

WWE SmackDown Ontario, California

Commentators Michael Cole and Pat McAfee.

Tonight it starts the blue show at the launch of the WWE SmackDown Special Super Size, the show, and then the commentators welcome us. Edge then makes his entry, showing us a video of his history with Seth Rollins. Edge says it started 7 years ago when Seth Rollins tried to use him as a famous springboard. Now they are trying to be the Universal Champion, but Rollins gave them his win. After beating him at Madison Square Garden, Seth Rollins wanted to come even though he was not allowed to wrestle. Edge introduced himself, but Rollins went to his house anyway, where he stuffed his little girls for the night.

Edge underestimated him, he shouldn’t be. Seth Rollins underestimated him at SummerSlam and Edge beat him, on the contrary at Madison Square Garden. He is the only person who can match the intensity and enthusiasm that Edge brings to the ring. So is Rollins an Edge Light? No, he is himself. We see Seth Rollins watching from behind the scenes. Edge says this must end or their family will suffer. He can go to Rollins and hang out with Peggy Lynch. He would not hesitate to remove Rollins from settling in hell. The edge represents the soul of Seth Rollins, and gives him a scar that he never healed.

King of the Ring – Demi-Finals

Sammy Jain vs. Finn Balor

At the end of the match, Finn Balor presented his plot de Grace to Sammy Jain, the pinnacle of success that followed.

Winner: Finn Palor – Will be in the final against Jinder Mahal or Xavier Woods

Like the other superstars drafted on the Blue Show, we are reminded that Drew McNair will be on SmackDown next week.

– A video surrounding the story of Roman Reynolds, Paul Hayman and Brock Lesnar has been released.

– Naomi makes her entry. Sonia Devilly arrives at the scene tonight to say that Naomi will not face her, but she will be against Sonia Devil and Sheena Posler! The latter makes its entry.

Disability competition

Naomi vs Sonia Deville and Sheena Basler

At the end of the match, Shina Basler uses her Kripuda clutch for Naomi and then pinches her while Sonia Deville stands for victory.

Winner (s): Sonia Deville and Sheena Basler

– The video of the soon-to-be-released hit row on SmackDown is running.

Behind the scenes, Sasha Banks Some are born adults, others achieve excellence, others impose it. For her, all three are true. He will become the SmackDown Champion at the Crown Jewel this Thursday.

– Seth Rollins goes inside and says he tried to convince himself that he had a chance to win at the Edge Crown Jewel. Rollins was not intimidated and he was not afraid to face Edge in hell in a cell. Edge agreed that Rollins was not Edge Light. He is better than him at all levels! He entered the match in a better position than Edge. After he did it at Madison Square Garden, he has physical and mental benefits. He’s going to say it very slowly so that everyone can understand: he’s not afraid or afraid to face Edge in hell in a cell.

Edge is right in many respects. These are two demons. But there is a big difference between the two. He spent more time in the cage than Edge. He knows what this system does. He is here today to thank this cage. It will end up in a cell in hell, but not the way he thinks. He knows it because he is visionary and revolutionary. This is Seth Freaking Rollins!

– As a gorilla, Jelena Vega told Carmella that Carmella was happy to get rid of Liv Morgan, and she wants to face the best. Carmella is 10 times better than Morgan. Carmela doesn’t need her mask because Vega won’t hit her in the face.

Queen’s Crown – Demi-Finals

Carmella vs. Jelena Vega

At the end of the match, Carmella wants to wear her mask, but Liv Morgan takes her back to the ring. Jelena Vega uses the chance to roll and win.

Winner: Jelena Vega – will be in the final against Dowdrop or Sheina Posler

We are reminded that Seamus will be in SmackDown next week.

– Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss are introduced. The two wrestlers make jokes, followed by Shinsuke Nagamura and Rick Books. They return the scene, and then the street profit joins them.

We are reminded that there will be a new day in SmackDown next week.

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship – Street Fight Tag Team Match

Street Profit (Montes Ford & Angelo Dawkins) vs The Yousos (Jay & Jimmy) (c)

At the end of the match, Youssef doubled the frog shot at Angelo Dawkins and won by pinball.

Winners: Yusos – Still Champions

– In Gorilla Position, Peggy Lynch claims not to have excelled at 1v1 for 3 years. The special opens the way for new people. The best is to have a baby and come back to win the title in record time. Tonight Sasha is making the banks better. The best at Crown Jewel wins.

– We are reminded that Charlotte Flair will be in SmackDown next week.

– Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks make their entry, and then Bianca Beller also sits at the commentary table.

Singles competition

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks

At the end of the contest, Sasha Banks uses her bank statement for Peggy Lynch. The latter approaches the ropes, but Bianca Blair tries to hit her on the referee’s back (rising from under Lynch). Sasha Banks used the opportunity to make her backstopper, followed by the pin for success.

Winner: Sasha Banks

– Adam Pierce sets the schedule for signing the contract. Roman Reigns then joined Adam Cole with Brock Lesnar. When Brock Lesnar makes his mother’s house, Roman Reynolds stands. Paul Hayman gives to Raines to sign the contract. Brock Lesnar signed the contract without reading a single line. Roman Reigns picks up the mic and says Brock Lesnar is an idiot, a big idiot farmer for signing without seeing him.

Brock Lesnar responded that he read the deal with his lawyer this morning: Paul Hayman. Brock Lesnar leaves the ring, Roman Reigns angry. The show ends like this.

Photo credit: WWE

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