Black clouds gather over Poland

– I’m an optimist by nature. However, I think that when it comes to economics, economics and financial matters, then Something very bad is happening in the world, and not only here, and not only in Europe. We are dealing with black clouds. Josef Wanser, Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BNP Paribas, who was involved in creating Poland’s modern banking sector, said in an interview with Business Insider Polska during the European Forum for New Ideas in Sopot.

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Note and forget about it from an economic point of view More optimistic about the US market, which is implementing a clearer crisis management strategy.

Everyone, whether they agree or not, has at least a definite plan on the table. They know in which direction the regulators’ decisions are going. Of course, the fight against inflation comes first. It’s a very crystalline display, but apart from that They all work in the same direction. Kick the ball into the same goal – He said.

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Joseph Wanser rated it The situation in Poland is even more difficult due to inconsistent policies and contradictions between the various entities of power. He noted the lack of effective communication between the Polish National Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the Monetary Policy Board and the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority.

– So, there are a lot of these frequencies, and there are a lot of contradictions to feel calm, not to talk about extreme uncertainty – he said.

He noted that a year before the elections, the political side will play an important role in economic decisions. Otherwise, the fiscal policy will be further adjusted to the actions of NBP and MPC.

According to Wancer With all the economic problems, the war in Ukraine has become like a stick in an anthill. Looking to the future, he emphasized the opportunities offered by Polish business through the possibility of Ukraine’s reconstruction. However, he stressed that these are just possibilities.

– Please take into account that the situation was similar in Iraq many years ago. Polish troops took part in it. It seemed then that Poland would also have the opportunity to participate in the reconstruction of this country. He said that did not happen.

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He emphasized that he believed that in this case the development of events and the American approach would be different, but he was concerned about the decision-making powers of the Polish government.

– The polarization that we currently have in the country has a negative impact on the development of the economy and on decision-making – values.

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