Russian gold rush.  Russians buy precious metal for strength.  An increase of about 300 percent.

He went To be one of the safest investments. In 2021, the head of the National Bank of Poland made it clear Adam Glapinski. “Gold is free of credit risk and its value cannot be depreciated by any country’s economic policy,” he said. Therefore, it should not be surprising that at a time of economic crisis, as well as the weakening of the zloty and the uncertainty associated with the war, many people decided to invest their savings in gold.

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A mysterious Russian plane at Caracas airport. Will gold be issued to Maduro?

He went. The Chinese did not invest in gold through COVID

Treasury mint It tells us that global demand for physical investment in gold in the form of bullion bars and coins amounted to 245 tons in the second quarter of 2022 – the same as in the corresponding period in 2021. However, global demand has already fallen by 13%. compared to the first quarter. It is directly related to the market position in China.

“China recorded a remarkable 35% drop in demand compared to the second quarter of 2021 and a 24% drop compared to the previous quarter, which was undoubtedly affected by the strict virus containment policy. COVID-19. The blockades, which were introduced in many major cities and regions, were in effect for most of the second quarter and cut off some consumers’ access to Shops Retail ”- the mint treasury tells us.

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He went. Russians are crazy about gold

It’s just on the opposite side Russia. The demand for gold for physical investment in this country reached 5.5 tons between April and June. This means an increase of up to 293 percent. compared to the same quarter last year. Increasing demand for gold in Russia It is basically the effect of an action war with ukraineAnd the Penalties imposed on this country by most western countries.

Investing in gold is a long-term investment, and it will pay off in 10 or 15 years. The supply of this crude grows, especially in times of economic crises, high inflation, as well as armed conflicts. maybe so Russians As a result of the war with Ukraine, they turned to gold. Gold coins and small bars are easy to sell or exchange, for example, for other goods. The ban on Russian gold has also been in effect since the end of June, explains Jaroslav Chudovsky, head of the US Treasury.

He went. In Europe, Germany buys the most gold

According to data from the World Gold Council, the demand for gold for investment in Europe remains high – 68 tons. However, this represents a 14% decrease. compared to the previous quarter. They made the most investment in gold Germany – The order was 41 tons.

The US Treasury has noticed a great deal of German interest in Polish gold. Our western neighbors buy this precious metal in Poland and take back with it to the country. polishing The law gives them anonymity when buying gold up to 15 thousand. euro. In Germany, this limit is 2000. Euro.

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