World Cup 2022. PZPN spokesperson Jakub Kwiatkowski talks about the mood of the national team before the match against Mexico

Our whole group is strong, but these are world championships, the best teams are here, and no one expected it to be a picnic for anyone, – said Jakub Kwiatkowski in an interview with TVN24 correspondent. The PZPN spokesperson referred to the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia, who are in the “Polish” group, and described the mood of our representatives before the Mexico match.

On the third day of the World Cup in Qatar One of the tournament favourites Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia 1-2. Teams in Group C, along with Poland and Mexico.

Kwiatkowski: The match with the Saudis is the melody of the future, Mexico is now

The development of events at the World Football Championships was commented on Tuesday in an interview with TVN24 correspondent Thomas Milden by PZPN spokesperson and national team manager, Jakub Kwiatkowski. It sure is a feeling. I think it can be considered historically, one of the biggest sensations in the history of that World Cup Kingdom Saudi Arabia Argentina defeated.

“It’s a big shock, especially for the Argentines. No one expected it, although we knew that the Saudi national team was not a weak team. We knew from the start that it was and will remain a difficult opponent – he argued. The Saudis are enjoying a moment of joy now. What does this mean for us? In this The stage, nothing, everything is in our legs, everything depends on us. We have three matches in front of us, Saudi Arabia and Argentina have two matches (each).

According to the spokesperson, “If we play our game and do what we set out to do, which is to win games, that result doesn’t matter to us.”

– This is the music of the future right now. The near future is a match against Mexico. We focus on that. We all want to cheer up after this match like the Saudis after beating Argentina. Of course we believe in that, I think we can win this game, but it will be a tough game because they are a tough opponent. In general, our whole group is strong, but this is the World Championship, the best teams are here, and no one expected it to be a picnic for anyone – admit it.

Salim Al-Dosari celebrates after scoring against ArgentinaPAP/EPA/Rungroj Yongrit

Speaking about the last hours of the Polish players before the match against Mexico, Kwiatkowski described: – Calmness and concentration. Whether it is a World Cup match or a friendly match, this match day is the same. In the morning, after breakfast, the players start, we got it at the hotel, before lunch there was a briefing and after dinner free time. Now it’s time for the last meal before leaving. Latest check-in time in 45 minutes. After that we get on the bus and at 17 o’clock we leave for the match.

Are the players nervous? – We are not talking about paralysis, but about emotions and excitement. Our players play in serious clubs, in serious leagues, so they can handle such a load and stress quite well. Until now, Piotrek Zieliński and Nicola Zalewski were playing table tennis. Focus is yet to come, Kwiatkowski said on the bus.

“We all think it will be a fun night for us,” he added.

PZPN spokesperson about the national team’s last hours before the Mexico matchTVN24

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