slag.  Ostro’s have cause for concern.  Another big loss at the start of the season

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Mateusz Kozanecki

Arged Malesy Ostrów’s players made a bad impression just before the start of the league. Mariusz Stashevsky’s players clearly lost in the sparring with Silvast Wilkie Krosnow (32:57). They clearly stand out from their competitors.

For Arged Malesa Ostrów, it was the second sparring in two days. Mariusz Staszewski’s players started to weaken – injured Victor Balofara and Matthias Nielsen, who started Wednesday in the Danish SGP/SEC qualifier, missed.

Jason Doyle was absent from the guest lines. Former world champion Marco Luisin was replaced.

Not much happened at the beginning of the meeting. The order is often determined by the beginning and the first arc. Krosno’s team presented themselves better, as they were clearly faster than their opponents.

A lot happened at the end of the first series of beginnings. Krzysztof Kasprzak definitely won, and Denis Zieliński fought for two points with Jakub Poczta. Grzegorz Walasek was involved in it all.

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On the track, there was a slight misunderstanding between the competitors from Ostrów, as a result of which Cellfast Wilki won this race twice. Their winning streak continued into the second series as well.

The residents of Krosno presented themselves much better against the opponent from the First League. Oliver Berntzon didn’t start to find the pace until the end. Tobiasz Musielak rode decently, but he wouldn’t consider the performance the most successful. In heat 13, he caused a fall to Marco Luisin. Earlier, Grzegorz Walasek left the track, so the replay was held in a two-man team, with only guests.

In the first favorite race, Ostrow’s team could have won twice, but in the first turn of the last lap the hosts began to race among themselves, went to the fence and Krzysztof Sadorski approached them. The young guests managed to take second place right before the finish line and instead of 5: 1 the ratio was 4: 2.

Oliver Berntzon and Tobiasz Musilak had flashes of fine leadership among the hosts, while Vaclav Milik and Andrej Lebedu were faultless among the guests. However, they only left three runs each. Denis Zelensky came close to a set of points, and Krzysztof Kasprzak finished the match with 13 “points”.

While a significant defeat in sparring with one of the favorites for the national championship – Betard Sparta Wrocław “counted”, scoring only 32 “points” with the newly promoted PGE Ekstraliga on their own track may be a source of thought. What’s more, the Austrians fared poorly against their competition.

The white-red will face in the first round Zdunek Wybrzeże Gdańsk. This meeting will be held on Saturday. In turn, the residents of Krosno will go to Leszno on Sunday to play a match with local Fogo Unia. The sparring on Wednesday in Ostro was especially important to them, because the geometry of the track in Ostro is similar to that of the stadium. Alfred Smoczek.

punctuation marks:

Argyd Melissa Ostro – 32 points
9. Oliver Berntzon – 10 + 1 (2,1,2,3,2*)
10. Grzegorz Walasek – 0 (0,0, d, d)
11. Jacob Krawzyk – 3 + 1 (1*,0,0,1,1)
12. Casper Grzylac – 3 (0,1,1,1)
13. Tobias Mosselak – 9 (2,1,3, w, 3)
14. Jacob Post – 4 (0, 1, d, 3)
15. Sebastian Szostak – 3 (3,0,0)

Sylvester Wolves Krosno – 57 points
1. Vaclav Milik – 9 (3,3,3,-)
2. Mateusz Swidnicki – 6 + 2 (1.2*, 1.2*, 0)
3. Marco Luisen – 6 + 1 (0.2*,2,2,d)
4. Krzysztof Kasprzak – 13 (3,3,1,2,3,1)
5. Andrey Lebedev – 9 (3,3,3,-)
6. Denis Zelensky – 6 + 2 (2.2*, 2*)
7. Christopher Sadersky – 8 + 2 (1*,2*,3,2)

Running after running:
1. Milik, Berntzon, Krawczyk, Lueszyn – 3:3 – (3:3)
2. Szostak, Zieliński, Sadurski, Post Office – 3:3 – (6:6)
3. Lebedev, Mosilak, Udniki, Grzylac – 2:4 – (8:10)
4. Kasprzak, Zieliński, Post Office, Walasek – 1:5 – (9:15)
5. Kasprzak, Lewiszyn, Grzelak, Krawczyk – 1:5 – (10:20)
6. Melik, Odniki, Mosilac, Zostak – 1:5 – (11:25)
7. Lebedev, Sadersky, Berntzon, Alasik – 1:5 – (12:30)
8. Musielak, Lewiszyn, Kasprzak, Post Office (d4) – 3:3 – (15:33)
9. Milik, Berntzon, Soednicki and Alasik (D4) – 2:4 – (17:37)
10. Lebedev, Zieliński, Grzelak, Krawczyk – 1:5 – (18:42)
11. Berntzon, Kasprzak, Grzylac, Luiszyn – 4:2 – (22:44)
12. Sadurski, Świdnicki, Krawczyk, Szostak – 1:5 – (23:49)
13. Kasprzak, Lewiszyn, Musielak (in/su), Walasek (d4) – 0:5 – (23:54)
14. Post Office, Sadurski, Krawczyk, Lewiszyn (d4) – 4:2 – (27:56)
15. Musielak, Berntzon, Kasprzak, Widnicki – 5:1 – (32:57)

Judge: Paul Palca
repetition: about 500 people
Starter Pack: And

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