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Five Quick Conclusions is a series that briefly describes a specific match between Lech Poznan. Before presenting the pros and cons of a particular match, match analysis, post-match statistics, player game analysis or choosing the best action for Kolejorz, we present five quick post-match conclusions. After dozens of minutes into each match, five insights into team and individual player performance are hot.

The first half is colorless

The first minutes looked promising and announced an exciting attacking match for both teams. Unfortunately, by the time the match began to fall apart, there was more tactics and good organization of the game in the middle of the field than offensive actions or shots. Ready for counterattacks, Silesia did not open up, and quietly waited for her chances, giving the impression of a team satisfied with the lottery. On the other hand, Lech was playing very slowly and, as expected, prepared himself to organize well in the middle of the field rather than putting pressure on his opponent and trying to take advantage of a potential error in defence. For 45 minutes, Lech created a really dangerous situation for himself, when Kamiński released Kownacki, he found Amaral in the penalty area, but the Portuguese unfortunately missed the ball cleanly. In the first 45 minutes, it was not clear Kolejorz’s design, which Maciej Skorża spoke about before the match, and who wanted his team to win at any cost. After the first match, it smelled like a boring goalless draw, or a one-goal win for Silesia after some defeats.

Beginning of the second edition in Lech style

The start of the second 45 minutes was Lech’s right. Lech came out again in the second half incredibly charged, scoring once again in the first quarter of an hour after the break, this time hitting substitute Michel Skouras. The 22-year-old winger made a great change, breaking the original midfielder initially on the right side, then with a powerful shot to the ground and with the help of the post, he took the team from Poznan to the lead. The next goal in the first quarter of an hour after the break is very good news, the Lechites in this competition have already scored dozens of such goals, it is their big advantage that allows you to turn a blind eye to the often unsurprising first sights by our team.

Why is it different, why is it different

The 1-0 goal changed Lech immediately. The Poznan team played faster, more efficiently, with more ease, and they felt very good on the counterattack and in situations where they had a little more space. The position in the second half of Amaral, Skóraś and Kownacki deserves an added advantage, these three in many situations fueled Lech’s attacks after the break, the match up front was more pleasing to the eye after changing sides than in the first 45 minutes, when the offensive actions lacked the idea and skill. Aside from some quick movements in the middle of the field, the ability to catch the ball is also noteworthy. After the 80th minute of the match, Lechites did not panic and did not retreat, calmly playing the ball on the ground, using short and thoughtful passes. At the time of the positional attack, the whole team acted responsibly, none of the players panicked with the ball at their feet, did not think about what he was doing on the field and did not bother with the losses that could push the Silesian team.

A momentous victory

In such matches, the Polish championship is won. Lech Pozna managed to achieve a very important victory on very difficult ground, after a break for the national team, without much preparation for this match and in a test squad. After the camps for the national team, not all players were in perfect physical condition, which is why, among other things, Karlstrom sat on the bench yesterday. There are also some micro-infections in the team and Mikael Isaac and Antonio Messia have rotavirus. The Swede came to Wroclaw, but decided for himself that he would not be able to play at 100%. Milić ran for only 45 minutes, and the Croatian during the break was too weak to continue the match, so for the first time in history Maciej Skorża was forced to test a pair of stoppages in the form of Kędziora and Satka. After the match, the coach did not hide his happiness with winning the test squad, according to him, it was one of Lech’s best matches this season from a mental point of view, a match in which his team showed their character through confrontational ability. A difficult situation. Consistency, stubbornness, good efficiency and individual flashiness allowed Kolejorz to take the second victory in a row, a victory on uncomfortable terrain for years. Lech won the match, although he did not play beautifully, but for this Friday’s goal he was better than Silesia with worse players.

You have to put it together somehow

The style can be ignored, at the end of the 2021/22 season, points are the most important, and those in the group went to Poznan, allowing Lech to return to the top of the league for at least a dozen hours or so. Now, facing a slightly broken team, a challenge where there is no bump. In just 3 days, Lech Pozna plays in Grudziądz for the Polish Cup final, there is no other choice but to win this match Kolejorz, a huge favorite for promotion and should fulfill this role. The coaches have 3 more days to put Lech together in some way, put the players on their feet, who will be able to tackle the Polish Cup 1/2 finals on Tuesday and with Legia on Saturday. Fortunately, the injuries that Mikael Isak and Antonio Milic go through are not serious, if no one leaves the team after the match with Silesia, we will certainly be stronger on Tuesday than on Friday.

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