Icardi’s wife has big problems.  Fans are angry.  They noticed it right away

Wanda Nara has been married to Mauro Icardi for several years. The couple went through many ups and downs, but in the end they both concluded that they were meant to be together. It seems the worst is behind them. In July, the 36-year-old moved from France to Turkey with Icardi and their children. The reason for this move was the Argentine player’s move to Galatasaray. The influencer from this corner of the world willingly shares her life with her fans, but recently she has disappointed them, as evidenced by the great criticism she has received.

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A few days ago, Mauro Icardi’s wife posted photos from a sex session on Instagram. Nara stood on the bed in only her underwear. In two frames she is holding a cup of coffee. The whole thing was completed with precious earrings from the brand “Dior”. She commented on the post, saying: “I live for the moon and you live for the sun.”

Wanda Nara enhances photos in Photoshop. Fans are angry

Internet users did not like the influencer’s post, and they quickly interacted with her post in the comments. Observant users noticed that Nara’s photos were inappropriately retouched in Photoshop. In fact, when we look at the photos, we can see that the influencer exaggerated in the photo editing software. One effect of this is the completely distorted coffee cup in the second frame. The 36-year-old also slimmed down her waist and legs.

“Haha the legs are fixed”, “Can someone tell her that the photoshop is noticeable?”, “Tell me that you edited the photo without telling me that you edited the cup photo”, “You don’t look natural” “You used photoshop” – we read in Comments.

In September, foreign media reported on Nara’s relationship with Argentine rapper El-Gante. A woman and a man were caught kissing in a restaurant in Buenos Aires. Until this moment, none of them have commented on this matter.

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