Wisła plays for life, but they are optimistic about the club.  "We have oxygen!"

After the last line in the Vistula’s locker room, you could hear a roaring breath of relief, but there was still a long and bumpy road to turn it into a shriek of joy. Krakow remains against the wall and even a draw in Wroclaw could be a disastrous outcome for them.

A very difficult journey awaits us, but we will fight for the best possible result. We want to return to Krakow on points – coach Jerzy Przyszek confirmed.

But in Wroclaw they do not want to hear about such a solution. Silesia is also in a difficult position, because it has only three points more than the Vistula. After the arrival of coach Piotr Tworek, the team’s performance was very promising – in four matches he scored five points, and in the last match he was one step away from defeating Raków Częstochowa by far.

Silesia has been looking a lot better lately and we have to respect the way they play. There are many interesting players with great technical skills in their team. We know their powerbut we have our plan not to be just extras in this match – confirms Przeczek.

Zagłębie Lubin (three points more), Stal Mielec (five points) and Jagiellonia Biaystok (six points) are also located on the Vistula River with six queues before the end, and according to calculations, The probability of a drop in Krakow is more than 50 percent.

Wisła fans console themselves with the fact that It looks like the team is finally on the right track. And they tied with Piast Gliwice (2-2), and in the last round they defeated Gornik Zabrze (4-1), and this was the first victory for Krakowian this year.

We believe we can save ourselves from deterioration. Victory with Gurnick strengthened us mentally. We have received oxygen and I hope in the next matches we can score as many points as we can ensure that we stay in Ekstraklasa – Brzęczek highlights.

In Wroclaw, the coach will not be able to benefit from the injured Jakub Błaszczykowski, Alan Uryga, Patryk Plewka and Mateusz Młyński, as well as with Enis FazlagicWho stops the yellow cards. On the other hand, the performances of Momo Cisse, Zdenek Ondrasek and Joseph Kohli are in doubt.

We have more and more training and more and more matches behind us, so we have more and more options to check out. It often happens Injuries lead to a search for other solutions – Brzęczek highlights.

Śląsk Wrocław – Wisła Kraków meeting on Monday at 15.30. Broadcast on Canal + Sport, report on Sport.Interia.pl.


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