US Open Championship.  Kamel Mejsharzuk was eliminated from the tournament.  Died again in the first round

The 26-year-old resident of Piotrków occupies the 90th place in the world rankings. The younger Chilean year ranks higher – at 72nd. For the players it was the first duel against each other.

Majchrzak was the first Pole to enter this year’s US Open. For the tennis player, it was also the first match after the announcement of the new coach. So far he was helped by Joachim Nystrom, and now he began working with Marcel de Corday.

The start of the match did not go well for the pole. He made a lot of mistakes that his opponent used meticulously. In the first set he managed to break only the fourth game. Bad game fueled full fury, who even threw a racket. 6:1 lost.

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