June 8, 2023


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The Polish millionaire is at the center of the scandal. They arranged a funeral for him

  • FC Nantes will face Toulouse in the French Cup final on Saturday. The first club belonged to Polish-born millionaire Waldemar Keita
  • He bought Keita Nantes in 2007. He is hated by organized fan groups who try to convince him to leave the club in various ways. Keita also had problems with the French tax office
  • Keita has been in talks to sell Nantes but is not keen on that. “He will die as the owner of the club. The more people demand his departure, the less he wants it,” says Saber Jendoubi, who this year published the book “The Elusive Mr. K.” Dedicated to a Polish businessman
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Two years ago, a group of fans organized a symbolic funeral for Waldemar Kita, because they had been trying to force him to leave for a long time. There were regular protests in the stands. The tax office was investigating unpaid taxes, and three years ago it seized a luxury yacht.

However, he continues to manage FC Nantes. He is its chief and owner. Last year, he finally hit it big when his club won the French Cup. And he can repeat this achievement on Saturday, because he will face Toulouse in the final of the local cup.