We have gold in the Paralympics!  And this is not the only success of the Poles
The next day of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics left us behind with three medals. The greatest success was Rosa Kozakovska, winning the gold medal in club throwing.

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Lech Stoltman

Getty Images/Pictured: Lech Stoltman

Friday started at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics with horrific news. There is a suspicion that the cycling medalists were doping. There is a risk that Marcin Pollack and Mishaw Shadosh will lose the bronze they won. Fortunately, a few hours later there were only reasons to celebrate.

The greatest heroine is Rosa Kozakoska. Pole became the Olympic champion in club throwing (F32). Our rep threw 28.74 meters, which not only gave her gold, but also broke the world record.

However, this is not the end, because on Friday our Paralympics won three medals in total. Mikhail Deros stood on the second rung of the podium. This is our 100m runner (T 47), who crossed the finish line in the final round in 10.61 seconds. He, in turn, became the record holder in Europe.

He won the bronze medal for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Lech Stoltmann in a shot (F 55). He succeeded with a throw of 12.15 m.

Thanks to these medals, Poland took 17th place in the medal table. Our achievements include one gold, two silver, and three bronze medals. The following days may be equally successful.

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