Winiarski leads the German cadre, but that's just the beginning.  ready script

Noun Michel Wenarsky It has been frequently featured in media reports for several weeks now. Until recently, it was about the future of his club – after three years with Trefl, Gdańsk will move to Alronu CMC Warty Zawiercie. Wednesday turns out He will replace the Italian Andrea GianniWho took over the emergency representation of France after the famous Brazilian Bernardo Resende.

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Michai Winarsky: There is an atmosphere of excitement every day during training. I’m looking forward to the first match

Pupils’ recommendation

The search for a new German coach was very intense and was completed very efficiently in about two weeks.

– I am very happy that everything went so quickly. It wasn’t the right time – a month before the start of preparations for HR season. It’s such a pity to say goodbye to Andrea, because we have had five wonderful years. But you had to accept it. We have a great solution to this problem – says Lukas Kampa in an interview with

This is quarterback Triple With Moritz Reichert and Robin Schott, who also met with Winarski in Gdask, Polish Federation activists recommended the Poles.

– When I mentioned such a proposal to Mishai, I immediately felt that he was very interested. In addition, he has already said that he would love to cooperate with the Germans, if he had such an opportunity – adds Kampa with a laugh.

This is confirmed by Jadomsky, who also refers to the history of when Marius and Lazy After moving to Trefl, he paid tribute to the great diligence of volleyball players from this country.

– Michai said then that he could have 12 Germans on the team. They are very disciplined. He’s seen this team before because of our club’s players and it was clear then that he made his own conclusions about their game. It’s good that he knows Lucas, who is actually an icon of German volleyball. He will help him at first and introduce him. It will also be useful to get acquainted with Moretz and Robin – the activist lists.

Winiarski defeated Sammelvuo, Cretu and Giuliani

Michai Winarski’s first job will be as head coach of the national team. to me Richard Busca Choose the right direction.

– In recent years, volleyball has become popular in Germany. They have good players playing in the major leagues. It is a team that you can prove yourself in working with – evaluate World Champion from 1974 and Olympic champion from 1976.

He has a similar opinion Marcin ModoniekWiniarski’s ex-boyfriend from the field.

– Thanks to this work, you will get out into very wide international waters. That’s a great honor because he’s a very young coach. I haven’t worked with him as a coach, but as a player I remember him like everyone else – he’s a big joker. Sometimes crooked like a cucumber jar. But she’s working great as a coach and she’s doing great. I clap and keep my fingers crossed. It will be the first serious test for him, because there are only requirements – says the world champion since 2014.

In the past decade, Germany has won two medals in major events. under command Vital Heinen In 2014, she took bronze at the World Championships, and three years later, along with Gianni, a silver medal at the European Championships.

The pole signed a three-year contract with the local federation, the main goal of which is to advance to the Olympic Games in Paris. According to the results of, she had at least ten counter candidates, including several coaches with successful experience. They were among others a leader Russia Thomas Samilvo, works at Grupa Azoty Zaksie Kędzierzyn-Koźle Jorge Creto and Alberto Giuliani, former coach of the Slovenes and Aseko Resovia Rzeszow.

– We have the opportunity to work for three years now, not one or two years. Now begins the period of preparation for the fight for the Olympic Games. We had the impression that Weinar was ready for it. We are also excited. This year, not only the world championship is waiting for us, but also before that The League of Nations. We want to show right away that we have the potential and we can win. It’s also important for Mishaw and for that reason it’s a very good choice – says Kampa.

Germany confirms the employment of Weinarski. He will also run another club

“With Michał there are no shortcuts”

Winiarski ended his career five years ago and in the same year became an assistant PGE Skrze Bełchatów. He debuted as a head coach after moving to Trefl, for his work for which he has received much praise.

– I did not exchange opinions with him even when he was a volleyball player. When I knew he was going to look up the club as a coach, I took the club’s number. After 25 minutes, I hung up and said to my wife, “We have an heir Anastasia At the club.” You feel these things during the conversation. You notice what someone’s approach is, what the vision is. You feel that he is a person of similar values, that he works hard and has a good idea for volleyball. I do not regret this decision .. Michai has proven that it is worth Bet – says Jadomsky.

When asked what surprised the 2014 world champion the most in his new role, he noted his great diligence.

– Everyone said he was forgotten as a player. Marius and Lazy He laughed because in all these years, thanks to Michao, they might have made an extra room keys 1,000 times. But he is a very hardworking coach. He can watch matches for six hours, analyze all the time, and look for weaker elements. He is also a man of principles. There are no shortcuts with it. As a player, he knew he had to change his job at the gym and he’s the same coach – describes Trefl’s boss.

The sense of humor and positive attitude that Winarski is best known for as a competitor are still his trademarks, but it can also be emphatic.

– When necessary have full focus. He is a very cheerful person, but when he sees that something is not working, the jokes stop immediately – Kampa emphasizes.

He also commends the coach for the fact that, despite his short training period, he has already developed his own style, has good contact with pupils and is open to advice.

Although Winiarski is still in the early stages of his coaching career, he is now supposed to combine work at the club with that of the German team.

– It’s an individual matter, but in my opinion, coaches have to do it. So as not to lose direct contact with volleyball Here and now and find out what is happening – argues Muydonic.

Will the foreign series among Polish coaches finally stop?

In the past polishing The coaches have already led foreign volleyball teams. legendary Hubert Jerzy Wagner He worked with the Tunisians, Grzegorz Ryś with the Egyptians and the Israelis, Marius Surdel with the Romanians, and Michai Misko Gogol became the Latvian coach not so long ago. Among the women’s teams, we must mention Andrei Nemczyk, who was a German coach in the years 1981-1989. However, Winiarski’s post appears to be the most well known.

As of this season, German women will be led by Heynen, who separated from the Poles last fall. Winiarski is mentioned as one of the candidates for the Belgian successor. He even announced in an interview that he felt ready, but ultimately didn’t come forward. It was an obvious favorite from the start Nicolas GerbyA. The Serbs were the chosen one. Thus, the foreigners have been training for white and red continuously since 2015.

After Wagner, people tried to work with the staff, among others many volleyball players who, under the famous “Kata”, won Olympic gold or world championships, among them Bosk, Stanislaw Gucciniak, Edward Skorik and Zbigniew Zarzeki. And in 2005, the Argentine became the first foreign coach of the tournament. National team. Raul Lozano. A year later, the Poles won the World Vice Championship, which led to the rebirth of the male team.

Currently, many members of this representation have already achieved their first successes in coaching. Daniel Belinsky and Michael Bekevich They achieved it with the national team in the lower age groups, the other also working for Stal Nysa. Winiarski was also part of that team.

Inside him many see the person who will break the chain of foreign coaches working with White and Red. One of the steps in this direction is to work with the Germans, although, according to Busca, he is already ready to lead any representation. Even Poland will fight for their third consecutive title at this year’s World Championships.

– Time works in his favour. It also needs to be solidified. He’ll see what it’s like to work with employees. This is different from working in a club. For now, I wish him good luck and … only losers with the Poles – says Mujdonik jokingly.

New rules to qualify for IO.  It will be easier for the PolesNew rules to qualify for IO. It will be easier for the Poles

Gadomski already has a script ready for the coming years.

– Let Nikola Gerbic lead the Poles to the Olympic gold in Paris, at that time Michau will bring the Germans to the event, and then smoothly take over our representation. He’s a boy with the papers to be a great coach – and he confirms.

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