March 31, 2023


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Jacob Woolney flew away!  Poland with an extra place in the World Cup competition

Jacob Woolney flew away! Poland with an extra place in the World Cup competition

After the first series, Jacob Woolney was only fourth. He jumped 133.5 meters (128.4 degrees), but he jumped to the leading Austrian Manuela Vetnera, who jumped the farthest distance – 136.5 meters, lost just under four points. He also overtook the pole Sloven Lovro Kos (135 meters and scored 129.6) and the Russian Roman Sergeevich Trofimo (133.5 meters and scored 128.5).

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Free directly behind the winner

In the second series Jacob Woolney He jumped more – up to five meters – 138.5 and after his attempt he was in first place. Trofimov fell five meters shorter and, as a result, dropped to sixth place. Cos jumped the same distance as Wolney, but only lost 0.7 points. Captain Wittner, who climbed 143 meters, performed brilliantly in this series. He was ahead of the free player by more than a dozen points.

With a second place finish, the Pole won an additional starting place for Poland in the first Winter World Cup 2021/2022 competition.

On the other hand, Wittner firmly sealed the victory in the general classification. Score up to 650 points. His compatriot Mika Schwan (517) was second and Art Fredrik Willemstad (399) was third. The best pole was Jacob Woolney who finished 13th (167).

The entire podium for the Ski Jump Championships on Sunday from the Summer Grand Prix in Wisła is once again for white and red.  Just like on Saturday, Daoud Kobaki was in top position.  Kamel Stoch came in second and Peter Shea in third.  The competition at Beskidy was the only one in the summer competition.  Other tournament hosts have pulled out of their organization due to the pandemic.  This year there will be no tournament winner.Ryoyu Kobayashi three times. The Poles have been fully upgraded to the competition

The 2021/2022 Winter Continental Cup is scheduled to open on December 4-5 at the Olympic Hill in Zhangjiakou.

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