Death: fear of dying, dying at home, dying in hospital

We live in times in which we live every day and every moment. We focus on ourselves, our achievements, professional promotions, family and our passion. We think about the future for a few years at the most, planning new life projects. Death has been removed from our consciousness, as it were, from our ritual.

Until recently, after the death of a family member Leave the body at homeRelatives lit a candle and prayed for the soul of the dead. Even before his death, when the patient’s condition worsened, family members looked after the sick, prayed together or simply talked. Only after death, when they could Say goodbye to the deadShe was washed and dressed also in her house, in her bed. It was not uncommon for a dying person to be ready to leave, from talking to family to choosing a wardrobe at their last goodbye.

Today, such practices are abandoned. Yes, according to religion and whether the family is a believer or not, it is permissible for the dying person to be accompanied by prayers and hadiths, but immediately after death. The funeral hall is notifiedWho collects the body of the deceased from the family and prepares it for burial.

In the past 30 years, the death rate in hospitals and nursing homes has increased, and fewer deaths have been recorded in the homes of the dead. This is due to two reasons: the hospitalization period for the terminally ill is longer and for this reason the hospital becomes the place of death, but also because we are afraid that one of our family members will die at home.

However, research shows that the elderly, with chronic diseases, are aware of the impending doom – They prefer to go away from home From within hospital walls, in solitude and among strangers.

It seems that believers fear death less, and believe in eternal life. However, it turns out that they are also afraid of the same worldly reasons, I love others. In addition, there are fears among believers about sins committed on earth and whether or not they will be forgiven.

Research by American psychologists: Jeff Greenberg, Sheldon Solomon and Tom Besinsky has proven that atheists fear death less than believers. They are more attuned to the fact that it is an inevitable component of every person’s life and are not equaled by any faith.

Young people are a group The fear of death is the most obvious. This is because of the awareness that they will miss out on what they know and that what they have not yet experienced they will miss. Among young people who are also parents, the main driver of fear is leaving their children. They are driven by questions about what will happen to the children, who will raise them and how, and finally – how they will deal with the loss of a parent. Will they remember it? Will they cry and miss you? These thoughts are the most common cause of young people’s fear of death.

Often they are aware of the fact that they are a “burden” for loved ones, but also cause their suffering, and therefore young people with chronic diseases can find good sides in death.

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