The Spanish League officially attacks and condemns Real Madrid's complaint against Martinez Munuera

“The Executive Committee of the Spanish League, meeting today, following the complaint filed by Real Madrid against referee Martinez Munuera before the Disciplinary Committee of the Spanish Football Federation, would like to express its absolute rejection of the complaint submitted by Real Madrid and to express its complete rejection of the complaint submitted by Real Madrid. “. Unambiguous support for Mr. Juan Martínez Munuera, and therefore for the Spanish judicial community.

The Spanish League, in its firm commitment to eliminating all forms of violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in football, in addition to conducting numerous awareness-raising and prevention campaigns, denounces before the Disciplinary Committee of the Spanish Football Federation and the National Commission for the Prevention of Violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport, all those Activities that took place in the First and Second League matches that may constitute the crimes mentioned above.

Therefore, the Executive Committee of the Spanish League believes that this complaint is another manifestation of a campaign carried out by Real Madrid against the Spanish referees, with the intention of pressuring that body in order to obtain a competitive advantage through the decisions that this group must make. As described and approved by the panel of judges, Mr. Martinez Munuera's conduct was impeccable and he strictly adhered to the regulations governing the judging.

Any other interpretation of the facts is simply wrong.

Likewise, the Executive Committee of La Liga believes that any behavior that would undermine the integrity of the competition must be avoided and that good sporting discipline and discipline must be maintained, and expresses its concern and rejection of the type of actions repeatedly taken by Real Madrid that are contrary to these values,” we read on the website. Official Spanish League.

Isaac Foto, journalist counters I Movistar+ Dealing with arbitration matters confirms that the above statement is signed by all clubs in the Spanish League, with the exception of Royal Club, of course.

Let us remind you of that on Monday evening Real Madrid issued an official statementHe announced that he was filing a complaint with the Disciplinary Committee against Judge Martinez Munuera. Osasuna responded yesterday afternoonHe confirmed that there were no racist insults towards Vinicius in his stadium. The Pamplona club called on the media to correct its reports, as it should be noted that Real Madrid's statement did not mention racist shouting at the chest, but rather “insults and annoying screams.”

The same committee of arbitrators also submitted an official answer to the Royal Court yesterdaywhich expressed its full support for the work of Martínez Munuera, but the arguments presented by this body were so weak that after a few hours he clearly said They were exposed by Real Madrid TVHe accused the jury of a number of lies.

But at this moment, the Royals have not officially commented on Osasuna's announcement, the Competitions Committee or La Liga.

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