M jak miłość, episode 1715: Aneta will learn about Argasiński and Ewa Kalinowska’s plot!  Will ukasz tell everything?  – the pictures

In the 1715 episode “M jak miłość”, Laura (Klaudia Kulinicz) accidentally overhears a conversation between Kalinowska (Anna Kerth) and Argasiński (Karol Strasburger) about the replacement patient Klaudia (Angelika Smyrgała), who was supposed to seduce Łukasz (Jakub Józefowic). ). She will immediately tell the shocked nurse Anita (Ilona Janest), who will be appalled by the former chief’s behaviour. In the 1715 episode “M jak miłość”, Chodakowska will be willing to inform Wojciechowski about everything, but Laura will try to stop her because she will have an important reason for it! Be sure to check out and see the details in our photo gallery!

“M jak miłość” episode 1715 – Tuesday 7 March 2023 at 20.55 on TVP2

In the 1715 episode “M jak miłość”, Kalinowska will meet Argasiński, but she will have no good news for him. All because Klaudia will be able to prove Łukasz’s devotion to Patrycja (Alżbeta Lenska), so the replacement patient will have nothing to do and refuse further cooperation. Of course, Ewa won’t let her quit so easily and will try to force Wojciechowski into betrayal at any cost, but she won’t gain anything with her. In the 1715 episode “M jak miłość”, Kalinowska admits to Argasiński that their machinations have failed, but she won’t realize that Laura is overhearing their conversation!

In the 1715 episode “M jak miłość”, the nurse will come to the coffee shop to pick up her birthday cake and discover by chance that she chose the same place as Kalinowska and Argasiński. When Laura is waiting for her request, she will carefully listen to the conversation of the partners, from which she will learn that Ewa, at the request of Jerzy, gave Lukas a lover who was supposed to lead to treason, but their plan failed! Of course, Kalinowska in the 1715 episode “M jak miłość” will start convincing Argasiński of another plot, but Jerzy will definitely say the belt! The coordinator will openly declare that Łukasz passed the most important exam with him, so he must finally come to terms with the departure of his beloved Patricia and leave them alone.

Laura will shock in the 1715 episode “M jak miłość” immediately inform Aneta of her discovery, who will be appalled by Argasiński’s behaviour! An angry Chodakowska decides that this is an exaggeration and decides to report everything to Łukasz right away, but the nurse won’t let her. Laura will explain to Anita that Jerzy has already suffered enough punishment and that is why she will feel so sorry for the former boss …

– What? Argasiński gave ukasz girlfriend? He’s an idiot! It’s good that Luke is working today. I will tell him everything – announces Anita.

– No, Argasiński said it was a test and if Łukasz succeeds he will withdraw Laura realizes.

– Laura, but he can’t get away with it Chodakowska said.

– Let her go! Why did he dig it? Patrija and Łukasz are happy, and Argasiński … if I had heard him talk about his loneliness. He truly suffered the greatest punishment for all that he had done – he will offer her, which in the episode of 1715 “M jak miłość” will arouse sympathy even in Aneta, who will not tell Łukasz about the substitute patient!

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