State of play with games destined for PS5 and PS4.  Watch Sony's event with us

The next Sony event will take place today, during which we will see products from PS5 and PS4 on the market. This time the Japanese company is focusing on third-party titles, but the event should not miss the fun games. Are you going to watch the show? We invite you to enjoy together.

Sony invited gamers to the next event – State of play will start today at 23:00And During that we’ll see third-party games made for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. We can calculate that the company will introduce at least one new item, but mainly we should see “updates” regarding previously revealed titles.

Currently, Sony has confirmed the existence of one game: Little Devil Inside will appear on the show. The PlayStation producer wants to give gamers a detailed look, so we can count on a presentation for a few minutes. However, the company cannot focus on a single adventure for too long, because the entire state of play will take about 20 minutes.

Will you watch the event? We invite you to follow the conference together – you will also find all the information on the portal, so if you cannot come in the evening, you will find a summary of the information in the morning.

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