Google Pixel 6 quality photos and videos. The perfect rival to iPhone 13

What photos does the Google Pixel 6 take? See first-time photo opportunities in a real test. Is it really one of the best optical smartphones of 2021?

Google Pixel 6 i Google Pixel 6 Pro They are phones that are not the first choice of the Polish user. You can’t buy them from operators, and local importers have out-of-space prices. However, if it comes to Amazon or purchases outside Poland, you will get a photo smartphone. Here are the pictures you take.

If you are inclined Spend 650 or 950 eurosWith the help of the new Google Pixel 6, you will be able to take such photos. Given that the cheaper model costs as much as the Xiaomi 11T Pro, we can definitely talk about great quality. The merging of neighboring pixels into a single unit is also emphasized – from 50 megapixels you will finally get a resolution of 12.5 megapixels.

Google Pixel 6 has the advantages of the new king of mobile photography

Too bad the source didn’t show any shots in night mode, in low light, or using portrait mode. The main flavor that today’s leak gives us is noise control and shadow detailing in the mid-light indoors. Contrary to appearances, it is a difficult scenario in which average people spend their time regularly.

What do you have to lose by buying a cheaper Pixel? If we talk about photography, it is an additional lens. Google has followed Apple’s path and the base variant will have two sensors, the second responsible for the wide angle. By paying 300 euros, you get a telephoto lens (and a bigger screen, a bigger battery and 4GB of RAM). It looks like iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

Today’s information also speaks of design. We already know this well, but not necessarily from sources that have direct access to the phone. For the curious – the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s screen is curved, but only slightly. The authors compared the curvature with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The cheaper version has a flat screen – something for everyone.

the first show Google Pixel 6 i Google Pixel 6 Pro It will be held later this month. You will learn everything important about them in the text below. On paper it looks very promising – in reality the prices may be confirmed.

Google Pixel 6 Pro the new king of mobile photography? Competition can get scary


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