Willow from Disney + in the trailer

Willow is one of the most important productions to appear on Disney+ by the end of the year. It was just reminded of a new trailer.

Willow Ufgood in the new Disney + series

We got a preview of Willow’s series some time ago, although the promotional material is dodged perfectly reasonably well. Not under the impression that we’re overburdened, Lucasfilm and the directors of Disney+ subtly encourage the prepared story.

What exactly? It will be an action-adventure series set in a popular fantasy world, as it is also the sequel to the well-received film from 1988 (with the same title).

Do you remember him? If so, you should be glad to hear that Warwick Davis will be starring here as well. Willow, who plays him, will take part in another dangerous expedition. Each group of colorful heroes will have to face their inner demons, but in order to complete the main mission and save the world, the group will have to unite.

willow trailer

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Willow from Disney+. What is the first offer?

There are two good news for those interested. The first – Willow’s release date has already been set. Second – you won’t have to wait long.

The series will debut on Disney+ on November 30. The first eight scheduled episodes will be released on that day. Arrivals will appear at weekly intervals.

Source: Lucasfilm, disney

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