The climate in Chudwa is slowly disappearing.  Where will they shoot now?  Pictures

22/05/2022, h. 15:13

We have described the need for a downtown street renovation several times on the website. Today the Mujahideen pass by. Schodowa, you can see the progress of work on the renovation of the adjoining tenement house at ul. Zamkowa 8. Later, it will be the turn of the ladder itself.

In the first quarter of 2022, Bielsko-Biała City Council financially supported the renovation of several historic buildings in the city. A special subsidy in the amount of 550 thousand PLN received, among other things, real estate on ul. Zamkowa 8. The co-financing relates to works consisting of the restoration renovation of the facade, hall and staircase as well as the insulation of the foundation walls of the building.

The aim of the renovation is to improve the technical and aesthetic condition of a representative apartment house. The investment is a continuation of renovations made in 2021, when the truss was repaired and the roof replaced. Today, while walking in that area, you can see signs of progress from under the tarpaulin that obscures the building.

Later, the time of the Mujahideen will come. peace. In this article New stair design this year. The scenic corner atmosphere will disappear? We reported that the planned scope of works would include, among other things, the dismantling and demolition of the existing staircase and stair structure, sidewalks and landings, renovation and laying of installation lines, the construction of a new structure for the sandstone split staircases, the construction of a new deck on the ground made of sandstone split paving slabs, and the dismantling of the balustrade Located by the stairs and the construction of a new handrail.

The project also includes replacing the roof on the section of ul. A hill with a small box at the base of the stairs. In addition to the replacement of road infrastructure elements, it is planned to create a technological channel and modernize the lighting points installed on the facades of buildings.

Municipal Road Administration in Bielsko-Biała in February this year. He had a project to redevelop the Mujahideen. Schodowa and applied for a building permit. The investment will take about five months and its estimated cost will be 1 million PLN.

Text and image: Adam Kanek

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