Will there be more films in Gdansk?  Launch of the Kultura Service Regional Fund

Regional Film Funds are a popular source of co-financing for film production across Europe. Now such a fund has been set up, together with the Film Commission, in Gdansk. A million zlotys were planned annually to support film productions promoting the city. These activities aim to help develop the film industry, culture, economy and education.

Tri-City Movie – All about local movies

Gdansk movie

Gdynia is Tri-City’s most cinematic hub. The city “From the Sea and Dreams” is not only the host country of Poland’s largest cinematic event – Polish Feature Film Festival or more and more developing Millennium Documents Against Gravitybut also educates followers of the art of cinema in Gdynia Film School. Thanks for the activity Gdynia Film Center And Pomeranian Film Foundation Many interesting projects have been realized.

However, we should not forget that Gdansk shines equally bright on the movie map of Poland. With its multifaceted traditions, rich history and culture, the city has always been fortunate to have a cinema, although it could not in terms of film infrastructure (proximity to film studios, wide range of producers, availability of actors, etc.). Compete with Warsaw or ód. The city can be proud of many realized film productions – it has “played” in both short episodes and productions directly related to this region. If you go back to historyWestplatte“And” Free City “or” Iron Man “depicting political events, it would be difficult to imagine a different place of action. It should also be noted that for the first 12 years the Polish Film Festival was held in Gdask, and only in 1987 was it moved to Gdynia.

The biggest obstacle to a stronger entry into film production was the lack of real film facilities in Gdansk. In other cities, such as Wroclaw, the film industry was able to thrive thanks to the Regional Film Fund. The experience of other cities has also shown (as evidenced by the example of Sandomierz and “Father Matthews”) that regional funds are an effective way to promote the area and build the image of a city that is friendly and open to culture constantly. Now, using the experience of others, the Cinematography Support System has been set up in Gdansk.

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Regional Film Funds

Currently, movie boxes are located in most counties and major cities. Each year, each of them supports the production of Polish feature films and documentaries that are relevant to a particular topic or locally to a particular region. Among the co-financed products are titles such as: “Ida” (ódź Film Fund) i “cold War” (Silesian Film Fund, Łódź Film Fund, Subcarpathian Regional Film Fund, Mazowiecki and Warsaw Film Fund) dir. Paweł Pawlikowski, “Your Vincent” (Lower Silesian Film Box) dir. Dorota Copella and Hugh Welchman, “Body / Ciała” (Masovian Warsaw Film Fund) dir. Małgorzata Szumowska or co-financed by the Gdynia Film Fund “Black Thursday. Janek Wiśniewski fell” in a monastery. Anthony Cruz “Servant” in a monastery. Philip Pagon O “Beksińscy Video Album.” in a monastery. Marcin Borchardt.

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The support provided under the Fund takes the form of a contribution to co-production, and not only a promotional advantage in exchange for financial support. This translates to the institutions sharing the copyrights of the film and the proceeds from exploitation if the film is a hit with the audience.

Gdansk Film Fund: one or two productions per year

The Gdansk Film Fund was established on the initiative of Beata DonajowskaCity Council Member, President of the Everything for Gdansk Club. Chairman of the Gdansk Film Fund Program Board is Pawe Orlowskiand Vice President of AmberExpo and operator of the Gdańsk Film Fund city ​​culture institute. Two people developing the Gdansk Film Fund and the Gdansk Film Commission will work within the structure of IKM.

It will be donated to support production to promote Gdansk million zlotys per year. This means a maximum of one or two productions per year in which the Gdańsk Film Fund can participate. This amount seems small, considering that the average Polish film budget is 4-6 million PLN (a small amount compared to Hollywood film budgets). All regional funds from several hundred thousand to about a million zlotys annually allocate film production, and Polish producers do not accidentally fight with such a determination for hundreds of thousands of seemingly insignificant subsidies.

This is due to the structure of Polish production budgets – their components are production “contributions” made by post-production companies, rental of film equipment, as well as distributors who contribute their services or declare promotional expenditures to the budget, and not live money. In this context, hundreds of thousands of zlotys received from the regional fund make it possible to cover budget expenditures.

To date, the local government in Gdansk has allocated sums of up to several hundred thousand zlotys for the city’s presence in the film, for example for being in the series Agatha’s Law The city of Gdansk paid 300,000 PLN. zlotys and to produce a romantic comedy film “Love is everything”In which the president also played a role Paweł AdamowiczThe judge paid 500 thousand. zloty. Now, funds for film production will only be available as part of competitions announced by the fund. The competition will initially cover three categories: fiction, documentaries and animation. In the future, a text competition will also be organized.

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Does this mean that Gdansk can be seen in films more often now?

The assumption is that in the long run, thanks to the many activities launched by the Film Fund and the Film Commission, there will be more films in Gdansk. Most importantly, the Fund and the Commissariat play a role in shaping culture, resulting in the presentation of not only the most famous places in Gdansk in audiovisual productions – such as the main city district with long market and fountain Neptune – but to show all the diversity and richness of urban open-air locations, including unique shipyards, coastal areas and many other places with interesting architecture. Thus, the film in various forms will be able to reflect the genius position of Gdansk – a city with a unique, interesting and original culture – showing Marta Formula From Gdansk City Hall.

Not just promoting the city

In the case of the Gdańsk Film Fund, the objectives of the activity are much broader than just promoting the city, with the aim of increasing its tourist attractiveness.

The main objectives of the Fund and the Commission are to create and build a cinematic environment that includes artists, professional film production and education entities, and film event organizers. Thus, the fund plays the role of an institution that stimulates the local film industry, with a special focus on its economic and technological development, and promotes the emergence of an important audiovisual production center in Poland in Gdansk, as Marta Formila explains.
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An important aspect of the fund’s work Support the development of the technical community and the local product in terms of production, equipment rental and post-production services. The city wants to build an economic boom in this field and ensure synergies between film financing entities dealing with film education, science, production and infrastructure – Thanks to this, eventually in Gdansk it will be possible to create more films created by the Gdansk artists themselves.. In many cases, supporting a single project results in subsequent products returning to the city, often without financial support.

The economic impact is also important, that is, the expenditure of the subsidy received by the producer in Gdansk and the potential revenue from the co-production contribution.

Film Committee

In parallel with the Gdańsk Film Fund, the Gdańsk Film Commission will also be created. She will have an independent character, not only working in relation to the fund and the films the fund is co-producing. The commission will have documentation of interesting filming collections, and will assist in obtaining administrative approvals or provide a database of companies collaborating in the film industry. An efficient film commission, with excellent knowledge of the city and, above all, free-lance guidance in a number of unique locations, may be a major factor in attracting the largest productions for which the fund itself, due to budget and conditions for obtaining funding, may be less attractive.

Polish cinema would not be the same today without regional film funding. And it’s not just about the money, it’s all about the local stories and the local heroes and creators going back to their little homelands. Therefore, the establishment of the Gdansk Film Fund may be the first step to make Gdansk an important place on the film map of Poland in the near future.

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