Terminator parody with Jennifer Lopez on Netflix.  Atlas review.

Rogue Artificial Intelligence, Jennifer Lopez, Netflix. What will come out of this mix?

“M3GAN,” which will premiere in 2022, has been a huge hit. I don’t fully understand the extent of admiration for this production. In my opinion, the whole thing was closer to a television project than a cinematic one, and the story itself was more fun than scary, but most viewers thought that the future vision with artificial intelligence that rebels against people in the form of a puppet, is a movie. Sexy and attractive. Interestingly, ChatGPT was unveiled a few weeks ago, so it’s been a hot time when it comes to AI.

Today, 17 months later, it seems that nothing will stop the AI ​​revolution, and the announcement of the next parts of “M3GAN” is not surprising. As well as attempts to make other films that show us the possible consequences of artificial intelligence rebelling against humans. We learn this story from TV reports – the collection provides us with background information about the world’s first terrorist who led a robot rebellion against humanity.

“Atlas” movie review – a sci-fi movie on Netflix

However, we will follow the fate of the one who – of course – will try to prevent the final end of our race. The events were moved 30 years later after Harlan (the terrorist in question) carried out an attack and had to flee to another planet after a successful counterattack by the International Alliance of Nations. Atlas, played by Jennifer Lopez, is sent on a mission, but the woman avoids technology. She collapses when she has to use a special ARC mechanism called Smith, thanks to which she overcomes the possibilities of conflict with machines. She doesn’t have much time left, and she must get to work and save the Earth from destruction.

We’ve seen it somewhere, heard it somewhere

The entire story of “Atlas” is not original. What’s more, there seems to be no attempt made to stray too far from a classic like “Terminator” – the similarities between the stories are apparent at every step, and viewers familiar with many other series and films on the subject are sure to quickly see other stories to follow. Similes. The screenplay does not fully compensate us for the time we spend in front of the screen – it is full of clichés and shortcuts, and in addition it describes and narrates the events experienced by the main character and humanity in a very superficial way. It’s also hard to find any merit in the side characters – they clearly come in Atlas’s way to help convince Smith and accomplish her mission (sometimes to her own detriment).

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As flawed as the film continues, it’s impossible not to notice that at no point did the production attempt to address any issues with artificial intelligence and future threats. There’s no discussion about it, no comments, and while it does take some of the weight off the film’s shoulders, allowing us to treat the whole thing as a casual action film, we’re still hoping something like this will be addressed. , at least in trace amounts. Additionally, the dialogues are generic and the humor is rather unfunny.

If not Terminator, then Finch – the inspiration is clear

“Atlas” is defended by a good performance by Jennifer Lopez, who feels her character and gives her a certain personality, but sometimes we exaggerate it. Atlas’ relationship with Smith is probably the greatest asset of the entire production – the AI ​​in the ARC suit is a good counterbalance to J. Lo, which also reminded me of the Tom Hanks film Finch, however, where it worked much better. Visually, “Atlas” has minor or major flaws, perhaps influenced by the production budget – for some, that won’t matter, most will have to turn a blind eye to the many scenes shot on green screen if they see the film to the end.

But the biggest problem in “Atlas” is the starting point of the film itself, which although it attempts to seriously address the topic of the risks resulting from the development of artificial intelligence, it does not address it fully during the presentation, except that some things are completely omitted. Character development is negligible, and the pacing of “Atlas” can be quite slow. The ending contains some surprises, which makes the film a surprise in the end, but this does not make up for the remaining flaws.

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