Roznerski w ŁÓŻKU z koleżanką?!

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Mikowaj Rosnerski (39 years old) is one of the most famous Polish actors who have fallen in love with millions of women. The latest movie with Rosnersky in the title role just came out on Netflix. It is known that he will never run out of hot bed scenes. look at the pictures!

Mikowaj Rosnerski Actor and TV presenter. He was recognized by the role of Marcin Chodakowski in the TVP2 series “M jak Miłość”. The actor also starred in other popular productions, including. “For Good and Evil”, “39 i pół”, “”, “Na Wspólnej”, “Father Mateusz” or “Second Chance”.

Notably, Rosnersky is the father of 11-year-old Anthony. For some time he was associated with Marta Jurass, the boy’s mother. In 2018-2021, he dated Adriana Kalska (36 years old), but the couple broke up. The star “M jak miłość” is active on social media and willingly shares parts of his professional and private life with fans. It was announced today (April 13) that the new romantic comedy “The Taming of the Shrew” has just appeared on Netflix, where he and Magdalena Lamparska (34 years old) played the main roles. Rosnersky joined the post with a photo with a friend from the group. In one we see them lying in bed together.

Some fans of the actor have already had the opportunity to see the film. We can read in the comments that they liked the production:

Great comedy! One of the best“,

I just watched a great movie 🔥“,

Really nice movie, I recommend it“,

Watch a great movie 👏☺️“.

The movie will surely spark the senses! You can see some of them in our gallery.


Is Mikowaj Rosnerski the most handsome Polish actor?

Isa and Marcin’s love in M ​​jak miłość even survived the actors’ breakup! It would be a pity to look at Adriana Kalska and Mikołaj Roznerski

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