June 10, 2023


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Which Rebels episodes should I watch before Ahsoka? Dave Filoni answers

within a few months Disney + New live series star Wars. Ahsokabecause we are talking about it, of course it will be a branch The Mandalorian And one of the projects that preceded the upcoming cinema show. In addition, the project will also serve as a kind of continuation of the animated series rebels. In this regard, of course, the question arises about the need to know it.

Fortunately, he was quick to respond Dave Filoni – the creator of both rebelsWhat Ahsoka. In a recent interview with Al Bawaba colliderCreative director Lucasfilm He stated that no previous knowledge of the project was required. However, he made some recommendations.

“Maybe I’ll start with the loop Twilight JediWhere Canaan suffers a calamity. Even without understanding what is happening, it will push everything else forward. If you’ve only been watching Season 4, you’re all set. You can start there and learn what you need about the rebels fighting against the tyrannical empire. This will give you the knowledge you need about everything and everyone.”

all seasons rebels Available on Disney +. Ahsoka While it will be available on the streaming platform in August.

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