Joanna Okonowska announces the end of her podcast!  "You have to know when to leave the stage."

In the past three years Joanna Okonowska He became one of the most famous Polish podcast creators. The adventures of a former employee of An I left everything and went to Iceland It attracted millions of listeners.

In the series “Tu Okuniewska” and “Me and My Stupid Friends”, the author shared her personal and humorous thoughts, among other things, about Love turmoil and relationships with people or career successes and failures. On the wave of podcast popularity, Okuniewska published a book.

Once, Joanna admitted that she started recording just in time, when she was depressed.

I wanted to put my thoughts in order then Throw something out of yourself – She said in an interview with “Zwierciadło”.

Apparently, this kind of “self-treatment” worked, because Okuniewska has been in a happy relationship for a long time, and a little more than a year ago She gave birth to a daughter Helenka.

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On Monday, the “Queen of Podcasts” unexpectedly announced that it will launch in February… The last episode of “Idiots”.

My job is over. There are only two episodes left, and I’ve put them off until the end, and I feel like they need to be released. (…) I said everything I wanted to say. I have told hundreds of stories. The most “warmth” has already been heard. I finish! I feel, as with every major change, a lot of concerns. This series is what makes me so popular He writes on Instagram.

Okunivska made it clear that she didn’t want to “pimp” her podcast with commercials or charge for subsequent episodes, because they wouldn’t be the same at the time.


This podcast was always meant to be free and available. For everyone. And He brings a lot of support, sometimes education, but also laughs. It was a great opportunity for creativity! All those names, genres, songs, book! I know without crap that this podcast is really cool. And I feel like I shut it down at the right moment – sums up adding it “You have to know when to leave the stage.”

Fans understood Joanna’s decision.

Congratulations Asia on this decision! Not because the format has run out, but precisely because Did not enter the stage of “resuscitation of the corpse”; Great podcast and classy ending; era ending; thank you! – They write in the comments.

Will you miss “Idiots”?

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