Widzew player couldn't stand it!  He treated the Polish Football Association and the referees in a vulgar manner

WP SportoweFakty / Paweł Piotrowski / Pictured: Bartłomiej Pawłowski and his vulgar entry on the X website

Jacob Ford

In the 23rd round of the PKO Ekstraklasa, Widzew Łódź had to acknowledge the superiority of Ślěsk Wrocław. After the match, posts by Bartłomiej Pawłowski appeared on social media, attacking the Polish Football Association and the referees for controversial decisions.

Widzew Łódź has had a bad week. The club, which is ninth in the PKO Ekstraklasa table, was eliminated for the first time in the quarter-finals of the Polish Fortuna Cup, and on Saturday (March 2) had to accept the superiority of Ślěsk Wrocław at league level (1:2). .

Both matches had in common that they were full of controversies at Widzew's expense. Łódź was on the verge of qualifying to the semi-finals of the Polish Cup, but in extra time Wisła Kraków equalized, and in extra time they scored a goal that was decisive for the final victory. However, according to experts, a 1:1 hit should not be counted. During the action, Igor Saseki not only pushed Mateusz Schira, preventing him from intervening effectively, but he was also in an offside position (more about the controversy here).

Confusion over the goal and the referee's opinions made Widzew decide to lodge a protest. Initially, Lodz FC's press spokesman, Marcin Tarusinski, announced the request for a rematch. However, this was also confirmed by President Mikhail Reds (more here).

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It is possible that in the near future the management of the Lodz club will demand intervention in connection with controversial decisions in the match against Olinsk. In the 53rd minute, Ulinsk took the lead after Mathias Nahuel converted a penalty kick. However, there is a lot of talk that this should not be dictated at all.

In the 78th minute, Nahuel scored the second goal, but the referee initially called it offside. However, after VAR intervened, the decision was changed and Bartosz Frankowski awarded the goal.

Below we show the offside line drawn by Daniel Stefanski, who was in the VAR car. Not everyone on social media agrees that the goal should have been allowed in this case. This group includes Canal+ Sport journalist Jeleslaw Żyżyński.

“I don't understand anything here. If the red line runs next to Nahuel's right leg, does that mean that his left leg and shoulder were farther from the goal line? (…) I will also add that I don't understand it.” “Like a freeze frame moment too. Even here, 8-10 frames, or less than half a second, can make a big difference,” he wrote on his official X account.

Pictured: The offside line for Olsk's second goal (Photo: Canal+ Sport)

After the meeting, Bartlomiej Pavlovsky added fuel to the fire. The Widzew player did not bite his tongue and harshly summarized the recent events on the field using obscene language. It was awarded to both the Polish Football Association and the referees.

“Hey PZPN, var zaj**** again? I'm watching the replay of the offside line and the penalty kick and it looks like we stole PP and points in Wroclaw in three days. What the hell is this? Something?” – asked rhetorically on the X website.

Pictured: Bartłomiej Pawłowski's entry on the X website

Then he referred to the entry of one of the users who assaulted both Frankowski and Damian Kos, the referee of the Widziow match in the Polish Cup.

“Gentlemen, you have stolen from us the progress in the Cup and the points in PKO Ekstraklasa. You have access to technology and a lot of replays. They advise you in the Var car, and in the end you still remember scenes from Piłkarski Poker thanks to your work. Stop turning a blind eye to your incompetence. ” – confirmed the clearly angry footballer.

Therefore, it is expected that there will be a lot of talk in the coming days about the work of the referees during Widzew's recent matches. It is possible that the club's reaction will be after the publication of the above-mentioned disputes.

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